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Defensive Shooting for Everyone

How important is a fast draw and a timer?

We see articles, like the one referenced below, pretty often and have conversations with people about the "fast draw" or "first round on target" mentality/methodology. DON'T misunderstand what we are saying here. We DO advocate for a good skill set and continual training (in context). We DO advocate for stress inoculation in training (again in context).


Marksman or Gunfighter?

I just spent an incredible nine hours training with some of the best firearms instructors in the state. You might think nine hours is a long time for training, but I had a blast. The time flew by as we were taught how to shoot better, faster, and ultimately to be both effective and efficient in the Intuitive Defensive Shooting Program. That training really got me thinking. The old cliché that “it's like riding a bike” applies to many things. When it comes to complex tasks, you might remember how to do it, i.e., riding a bike, but you won't retain the ability to do it well without extensive practice.

We can't change our past. But we can help save our future.

For a more in depth discussion beyond this Praesidium video of Gun Free Zones and the data that drives them, check out the excerpt from my friend, and Sociology Professor at Wake Forest University, David Yamane's blog article below. There are several links in the original article from his well documented research worth investigating. Research on Investigating the New York Times’ Dangerous Gun Myths, Misleading Anti-Gun Headline from Associated Press, Unhelpful Exaggeration of Data on “School Shootings” Sets Back Scholarship on Gun Violence, and others…
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Discoveries of an Anti-Gunner: My Conversion to the Other Side

Excellent read by Robyn Sandoval. Very enlightening article and a very good conversation starter.

In 1651, Thomas Hobbes wrote that free people consent to give up their individual rights in order to establish a political community, i.e., civil society, which establishes laws so that everyone can enjoy security. Although simplistic, this theory supports the following arguments for gun control:
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The 2nd Amendment is Your Gun Permit - I Think Not

Well thought out article from The Truth About Guns on the 2nd amendment and what it really means.

“I have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms!”

“The 2nd amendment is my gun permit!”

“State gun laws violate the 2nd amendment!”

Most of the people who utter these words are well-intended. They are very passionate about their right to keep and bear arms, but I can’t help but wonder if they truly understand where rights come from or what the 2nd amendment means . . .
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