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  • Rob Jennings
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    When you attend a training event at Get Trained Be Ready, you’ll notice quickly, the enthusiasm and respect that Rob puts into the training of students. It’s an important aspect of his way of doing things. He considers himself a steward of skills and knowledge that other students should have, and he makes it a point to be front and center to help students gain a new perspective on intuitive defense shooting.

    It is his goal to bring to bear, his knowledge, experience, and understanding of the shooting industry, tactical and defensive training and general life experience to help those students who trust Get Trained Be Ready to get them to where they want to be. You’ll understand his passion at the end of the class, when you are worn out, but feel great about what you have accomplished and the capabilities you find yourself in possession of.

    Rob is the type that works hard at what he does, he recognizes that not much of anything comes easy if it’s worth it, and his story of how he became the founder of Get Trained Be Ready proves that. It was in his private observance of his lack of skills and experience to protect his family at the highest level, when he first got married, that led him to spend many, many hours gaining, practicing and refining his skills in the areas of defensive shooting and situational response.

    His natural charisma and sincere desire to see students succeed, becomes obvious quickly, and gives his classes a unique feeling, as students begin to understand why he takes this work so seriously. He sees so many other instructors in the industry simply using this work as a means to a paycheck and doing what he calls: “Hacking their way through it”. It’s why GTBR is so aggressive at improving course offerings, and refining content and curriculum. He doesn’t want any student under any GTBR trainer to feel like they haven’t gotten a legitimate value and improved their skillset comprehensively after a class with the company.

    It is a constant “to-do” item for Rob, to find passionate instructors that can add to the success of students and continue to build a team of some of the top talent in the region for GTBR. He is looking forward to expanding content of training sessions to include specialized training for Church Safety teams, Instructor development for the company’s already substantial base of trainer-specific curriculum, and of course, more individual and team defensive shooting courses.

    Rob has so many memorable interactions with the clients of GTBR, as he truly enjoys working with people to improve their safety, capability of response and technical skills. Two memories come to mind as rare treats for a trainer who is always looking to find a connection with their clients to bring the student to the next level.

    The first was during a law enforcement team training that included high risk warrant servers and bounty hunters that work across the United States to track criminals that have “gone on the lam”. Rob encouraged them to train under the full load of gear that they would use in their normal course of operations, instead of in normal clothes. The enhanced experience helped the group to whittle down their gear options to improve functionality and helped them to refine their movement under legitimate loads and in a realistic scenario. You might think that’s a simple ask, but the group was surprised to be asked to bring their gear to train in. Other instructors never felt that it was important to train in real world conditions. It’s another little thing that GTBR knows about, communicates to the client, and incorporates into the training to bring professionals and civilians alike, up to their peak of performance.

    Another time, a woman was particularly worried about attending a training with “Rambo types” and unsure if she would feel comfortable or be able to learn anything, considering the class might be geared to a higher level. After a couple of weeks of “hand-holding” over the phone, and a great two-day training, the woman was ecstatic about the outcome and her newfound confidence with handling a firearm. She also made friends.

    Again, these instances might seem mundane, but every experience can be a huge benefit to some party to the experience. Get Trained Be Ready is structured to make sure that beneficial experience happens every time for every student. It’s about finding the way that each and every class member can reach a personal best in class and leave better than they came.

    Rob is just a regular guy, in fact you might learn a thing or two about him by understanding his hobbies outside of teaching and shooting. He enjoys backcountry Jeep travel - unplugging, hiking, camping, seeing things most people don’t get to see in places most people don’t ever go. To him it’s about the trip – the weather isn’t so important. Hot, cold, wet, or dry. The journey is the adventure, not the destination. He knows that finding God in the backcountry is physically tiring, but spiritually exhilarating. He has visited the wild places in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, South Dakota. He’s had dust in his Jeep from all those places.

    Rob Jennings is just a regular guy.

    Because of that, Rob knows that for civilians, the one interaction they may have with their Concealed Carry Weapon in their lifetime is every bit as important as the frequent interactions that law enforcement or military will have with their duty weapons. He has trained all types of users. Everybody who needs to rely on a firearm and their defensive knowledge, deserves to be trained well, and have the tools necessary to stop a threat and react to a hard situation. It’s why the curriculum is constantly being refined, why trainers are selected from the best available and pushed to be better each day. It’s why Get Trained Be Ready is focusing on training new trainers that can run a legitimate training business and learn how to properly train others - and then being supported afterwards to help them succeed. It’s why GTBR is training Church Safety teams to react to potential concerns that are all too common anymore. It’s about the legacy of teaching the right way, by making sure each and every student gets what they came there for and leaves more capable than when they arrived.

    Rob is an Intuitive Defensive Shooting Instructor under the I.C.E. company umbrella. He is a certified NRA Training Counselor and the state of Arkansas Training Liaison to the NRA Training and Education Department, NRA Certified Chief Range Safety Officer, Refuse to Be A Victim Regional Counselor, Arkansas Concealed Carry & Enhanced Concealed Carry Instructor, NRA Advanced Defensive Shooting Instructor, NRA Rifle Instructor, Commissioned School Security and Private Security Officer Training Administrator through the GTBR Institute of Instruction, Church Safety and Security Team Instructor, ALICE Active Shooter Instructor, 2 day LRF Active Shooter Instructor graduate, USCCA Instructor, and most importantly, a perpetual student.

    Rob Jennings is the founder of Get Trained. Be Ready.

    NRA Training Counselor Number: 170212791
    USCCA Instructor Number: 1352918
    ASP CHCL Instructor Number: 09-584

    Contact: training@gettrainedbeready.com
  • John Bailey
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    John Bailey seems to be a composite representation of the intrepid instructors that Get Trained Be Ready seeks to work with – highly experienced, team oriented and looking for a team that offers structure and stability so that they can offer premium training and infrastructure to their students and expand their capabilities.

    His training business is based out of Northwest Arkansas in the Prairie Grove area, and he has skills that put him in the top tier of trainers nationally.

    Notably, John is a Certified Instructor for NRA Basic Pistol and Rifle courses; Chief Range Safety Officer and Basic Metallic Cartridge Reloading by the NRA. He also sat on the board of the largest shooting club in the Dakotas when he lived in Fargo, ND (Red River Marksmanship Center) and trained North Dakotans in Hunter's Education and Safety classes. Now he's brought all that skill and knowledge to Arkansas.

    He's also an I.C.E. Defensive Firearms Coach and has completed the 16 hour Modern Samurai Project's Red Dot Pistol: Fundamentals & Performance Instructor Course, graduated top of the class in Greenline Tactical's 2 day Red Dot Pistol Instructor course, and is a 2 day LRF Active Shooter Instructor graduate.

    Mr. Bailey is not simply hoarding certifications though:

    He's passionate about improving curriculum and helping students reach goals, and it goes beyond just being passionate – John has the background and experience that makes him a legitimate resource in the field. His time in the USMC had him competing in shooting competitions at the highest level where he is recognized as a Series High Shooter and a Rifle Expert. He is also a USCCA Defensive Carbine Instructor.

    He continues competitive shooting to hone personal skills to this day. He's a leader in industry and has strong leadership skills from time in commercial and military endeavors where he has multiple times, led more than 2500 individuals for long periods of time.

    But perhaps none of his leadership experience is as important as being a Grandfather of 9 grandkids, where he can help them learn the ropes of self-protection, hunting, and just general life lessons. He tries to take that type of mentality to his students on the range too.

    He doesn't stop learning – and is able to recognize where he can improve. He self-audits so he can always get better. That makes him a great fit for the GTBR team, as all the leaders and instructors are passionate about being their very best and helping students overcome plateaus.

    When he isn't restoring MOPAR cars and drag racing them, you might find him playing ice hockey – something GTBR's Arkansas and Southern based Trainers are not able to generally participate in. But you will probably more often than not, find him on the shooting range, being told about the 6x6 Elk taken on his student's first hunting trip at 500+ yards, or helping a single mother learn basic defensive shooting skills.

    The shooting range and in the classroom is where John Bailey feels he can do some of his best work. Due to his love of teaching and training, John has opened a private training facility called Blair Creek Training Center. Get Trained Be Ready is partnering with Blair Creek Training Center to bring the best training opportunities to Northwest Arkansas and surrounding states.

    NRA Instructor Number: 150463848
    USCCA Instructor Number: 2326755

    Contact: john.bailey@gettrainedbeready.com
  • Duke Bender
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    Lessons learned and experiences gained in his 25 years of being a pilot and a security specialist in the military has helped Duke Bender to understand the adaptation needed to be a top tier trainer. It's also helped him to be a team player that knows being a student is part of being a teacher. His focus is on improving his skills - always, in all ways, to provide better options to students who trust him with their success in firearms training.

    Duke loves seeing students that are unfamiliar with training techniques when they come to GTBR – his success with new students has been excellent. More than that, the ability to help new students to improve exponentially is far more available.

    He's confident that even traumatized individuals; complete newcomers and those who have had bad trainers in the past, can excel in the GTBR system. He's made it a point to reach out to these types of shooters because his skillset caters to that person.

    His credentials are a mile long and his experience is exceptionally deep. Duke is an Arkansas Firearms Safety Instructor and Basic and Enhanced Concealed Handgun Carry License Instructor.

    His NRA training is top notch too. He is an NRA Certified Instructor; Pistol, Defensive Pistol instructor, and Personal Protection Inside the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home certified. He is also an instructor for Refuse to Be a Victim, and Metallic Cartridge Reloading. Duke is an NRA Range Safety Officer and an I.C.E. Defensive Firearms Coach.

    Furthermore, as a USCCA Certified Instructor; and a Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals, and a 2 day LRF Active Shooter Instructor graduate, you'll find Mr. Bender has the type of diversity that shooters want to look for in a trainer; especially if they already have extensive training elsewhere. Duke's got the chops and the credentials to take you further.

    The list of certifications doesn't stop there though, with the following courses being in Duke's arsenal too: Defensive Shooting Fundamentals - Level 1, Defensive Shooting Fundamentals - Level 2, Countering the Mass Shooter Threat, and the 16 hour Modern Samurai Project's Red Dot Pistol: Fundamentals & Performance Instructor Course.

    He is also a Law of Self Defense Instructor Program Graduate. All these credentials are what makes him a great curriculum director for Get Trained Be Ready.

    What's the takeaway when looking at Duke's resume? He's got skills, experience and know-how that can drive any shooter further. But he also has a passion for people that helps students to feel comfortable, confident and able to learn the fundamentals in an environment that showcases the team; and practical, fundamental skills.

    NRA Instructor Number: 157061490
    USCCA Instructor Number: 281257
    ASP CHCL Instructor Number: 15-1152

    Contact: duke.bender@gettrainedbeready.com
  • Mitch Bloom
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    Mitch enlisted in the Army National Guard in 2001 as an (11B) Infantryman. He served in a deployment in Baghdad, Iraq for more than a year. In 2006 he took a different career path as a Firefighter/EMT and worked as a first responder for 3 years. He served as a Combat medic in the position of Senior Line Medic for his infantry battalion for 7 years in the Army after he reenlisted in 2009. His years of experience and training led to his holding the position as a medic/instructor for the National Guard Marksmanship Training Center, where his day to day includes range safety work and medical coverage for the people coming through the organization.

    His involvement with the courses at that facility include the Small Arms Weapons Expert and the Squad Designated Marksman courses. It is this extensive body of knowledge that has made Mitch a highly sought-after trainer. His ability to seamlessly blend the practical knowledge with the realistic reactions to situations beyond the control of the individual, makes him a very good trainer.

    He has noticed a trend of converging industries and technologies in the medical technology and military organizations, which he believes is carrying over to the civilian landscape, where in the wake of increasing mass shootings, terrorist events and global geopolitical changes, civilians and law enforcement are seeing an important crossover between defensive (combat) training, and medical related training. Mitch Also specializes in Advanced First Aid and Basic Life Support as well as Tactical Casualty Combat care (TC3).

    He is working to implement new training courses with organizations and civilian trainees that come through Get Trained Be Ready, so they too can access the leading-edge training that is available now to experts in the field.

    On the range or in training classes with Mitch you’ll be able to benefit from his many years of experience and his proficiency in all things medical related, whether it be a simple commentary as he helps in a class or whether you are taking a dedicated class in his proficiency. Whatever the case may be – in a Mitch Bloom class, you’ll find plenty of essential information that will help you to be a more capable human being, not just a more capable shooter.

    He is a National Registry EMT-B; and a CPR and BLS Instructor with the American Heart Association as well as a U.S. Army Combat Medic (68W30) and is experienced in battlefield technologies and is a Rope Rescue Technician and an Advanced Swiftwater Rescue Technician. He is also instrumental in our Church Safety and Security Team training and our CPR, Basic Trauma, and Tactical Range Medicine training.

    Mitch is a Medical Instructor for Get Trained Be Ready.

    Contact: training@gettrainedbeready.com
  • Shawn Frenzel
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    Shawn Frenzel’s resume is impressive. But the overarching concept you get when you hear about where he has been, is that he is focused and driven. He’s the type of person who persists until the goal has been reached. That’s the type of trainer he is too. He’s going to get you to where you want to be in his class.

    He is also one of several instructors in the GTBR group that can point to extensive and varied experience in the corporate world which can be instrumental to reaching desired goals for certain clients and taking a broader approach to leadership training on the range. Defensive shooting classes can be a good place to focus on leadership training, especially because it can help you make decisions during difficult moments.

    Shawn knows how to incorporate just the right amount of leadership training to keep it focused on making you the best shooter you can be; and the most capable in tough defensive scenarios.

    Shawn is also focused on creating responsible gun owners and helping shooters to understand the human element of the defensive equation. His faith and his family help him to recognize the need to be aware of the importance of communication and building up students to help them move past internal hurdles.

    He has an affinity for church safety programs and wants to empower congregations to protect what they hold dear. He is passionate about the culture of things. He believes that fostering the appropriate culture in the training industry has a massive impact on continued success. Preparation and theory also play a strong role in training success for him.

    Back to his impressive resume: Shawn has worked with the SWAT team in Shelby County, TN to improve his integrated tactical skills; has taken courses from the best training facilities in the region and is an affiliated trainer with GTBR.

    He holds the following certifications and licenses: NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, an NRA Range Safety Officer, and Arkansas Concealed Carry & Enhanced Concealed Carry Instructor.

    NRA Instructor Number: 189185958
    ASP CHCL Instructor Number: 19-1420

    Contact: training@gettrainedbeready.com
  • Matt Gibson
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    Matt Gibson is a bit pragmatic, but a bit enthusiastic too. You get a balance of even keeled judgement and a hardcore passion for what he does when you work with him. He’s the type of guy that won’t waste ammo, but knows you’ve got to throw rounds down range and practice to keep your skills finely honed.

    He’s a highly adaptive leader with a consulting background and knows how to “read the room”. That’s important in firearms training for more than one reason. He feels right at home with the team and the values they bring to the table at GTBR. He knows that the sense of comradery and the ability to back up and support a group that is like-minded but also able to pivot as needed, is an important part to the overall firearms training dynamic.

    He’s an RSO and holds NRA Pistol Instructor Training credentials and is a 2 day LRF Active Shooter Instructor graduate. He’s held previous teaching positions in his career prior to becoming a firearms instructor, so the classroom and range group settings come natural to him. Additionally, he’s the type of guy you want to have a hang out with - he’s just like you and he hangs out where you hang out and he grew up like you grew up. There isn’t that awkward dynamic that can sometimes happen in professional training scenarios - he’s going to treat you like he’s an old friend and teach you at the same time.

    Matt is also incredibly aware of the importance of experience and likes to focus on the skills he has mastered while teaching. He is aggressive about learning new skills but wants to have them mastered before he introduces them to students - this means he’s constantly reevaluating his own skillset. He’s constantly improving the underlying core principles, and you won’t miss out on anything because he’s continuously auditing them for optimization.

    He’s also very into studying trends and seeing how the industry is changing. He is on the leading edge of it. More new shooters from a wider range of backgrounds and upbringings are shooting now. Many are just getting familiar with the concept of owning a firearm. Matt is constantly improving on delivery of concepts for this diverse audience so that he can best help each individual in the classroom and on the range. He knows with millions of new gun owners - it’s important to get people trained in a proficient, safe, and comprehensive manner, while helping them to do what’s best for their family.

    Trainer Matt Gibson also has extensive experience as an arbitrator and has served as such, professionally, in a very difficult role in a competitive industry. That real world experience is the type of thing that sets not only Matt apart from some of the other trainers at GTBR, but separates the GTBR team apart from other training companies. Knowing how to utilize high level skills like negotiation and understanding how to navigate complex situations helps trainers like Matt and the GTBR team to deliver on promises and help people grow in their firearms knowledge and capabilities.

    NRA Instructor Number: 23638683
    ASP CHCL Instructor Number: 21-1495

    Contact: matt.gibson@gettrainedbeready.com
  • Doug Glenn
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    Doug occasionally recounts the old joke: “What do you call a medical student who graduated last in their class?” The answer is “(still a) Doctor”. Every graduate gets the title no matter how well they performed. Doug believes that if given the choice, everyone would pick the best in class service provider (doctor, firearms trainer, etc.). He also believes that there is a problem with the current state of affairs in the firearms training industry. Just because someone has a credential or a license, doesn’t mean they are the best one for the job and it certainly doesn’t mean they will be able to put students into a position of competence or confidence. Too many instructors use fear-based tactics or rely upon accomplishments from long ago to get students to believe they are the right trainer for them. Not Doug. He wants to prove that old fashioned hard work and personal improvement on behalf of a trainer will produce better students and offer more to those who come to a company like Get Trained Be Ready.

    It was this fear-based, egotistical type of training that served as the catalyst for Doug to make the transition into training at the highest level. He was dissatisfied with the arrogance of some trainers, the abuse they sometimes heaped upon new students and the general lack of respect towards the end user consumer that can be prevalent in the industry. He knows that most students are highly competent professionals in other endeavors even if they are newcomers to firearms. He has made it a personal goal to push other instructors and himself to a level of understanding and competence that rises above the industry average and treats people with the respect they deserve.

    Instead of trying to impress students with past accomplishments and tough guy talk, Doug wants to train students with realistic, proven knowledge that simply seeks to better the instructor and student instead of inflating an instructor’s ego.

    Doug understands when you are steeped in logic and reason in the classroom and on the range, that there is no room for myth and opinion when it comes to the fundamentals. He also knows that this type of training can be a deeply personal event for a shooter and that there is a human part to this process. He recounts a story of a woman who had, in her past, dealt with a firearm related tragedy. It was exceptionally difficult for her to even hold a gun in class, without being brought to tears. It was through Doug’s calm, encouraging demeanor that her previous scars were softened, and she was able to learn effectively. Her performance and achievement in the class and beyond, has been exceptional.

    It’s this type of approach that makes the work so interesting to Doug. He truly feels that this industry can embrace the human element more effectively and he has made it his mission to help that along; to create better students through effective use of communication, understanding and patience.

    Doug is an NRA Pistol Instructor, NRA Rifle Instructor, NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home, NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor, a Range Safety Officer, Church Safety and Security Team Instructor, Arkansas Concealed Carry & Enhanced Concealed Carry and Intuitive Defensive Shooting Instructor. Doug is also a USCCA Instructor, and is a 2 day LRF Active Shooter Instructor graduate, and ALICE Active Shooter Instructor.

    Doug Glenn is a Senior Instructor and RSO with Get Trained Be Ready as well as an Assistant Training Administrator for Get Trained Be Ready's Arkansas State Police licensed Institute of Instruction.

    NRA Instructor Number: 147491777
    USCCA Instructor Number: 1362690
    ASP CHCL Instructor Number: 13-888

    Contact: doug.glenn@gettrainedbeready.com
  • Kenny Hollis
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    Kenny Hollis represents the well-rounded trainer group at Get Trained Be Ready exceptionally well, because he would be considered to be a well-rounded trainer in anyone’s book. He has a legitimate grasp on the legalities of defensive shooting scenarios; law enforcement reaction; emergency medical care and decision making in use of force situations. That’s just the beginning of what Kenny has trained in. It’s a small portion of the integrated training that you get when you work with him and GTBR.

    Knowing what exists in theory and how to use it in practice is a theme for Kenny and the other Affiliated Trainers and GTBR. You will get that early on when you’re in the classroom with him. He is aware of the brain trust that GTBR has assembled and looks forward to not only being a key part, but to being able to glean more and more knowledge from talented contemporaries, in order to deliver results for clients.

    Knowing what will happen during and after a defensive shooting is a crucial component to the type of training Mr. Hollis wants to give to students. So many trainers aren’t aware or don’t have experience enough to teach students how to prepare emotionally, legally and physically for a defensive shooting. His training is likely to help you avoid a use of force situation altogether. He believes it is better to be prepared and never need the training than to need it and not be prepared.

    He is an avid hunter and shooter and is fully enveloped in that community in Arkansas; it’s a way he connects with family and friends. He is serious about having a large supply of top-quality coffee in class and near the range; but not so serious that he can’t take a joke. He is all for trainers who don’t take themselves too seriously, while simultaneously delivering the content in a respectful, comprehensive and serious way. Humor is welcome at his training sessions.

    He’ll frequently pair with other trainers to lighten the mood in class and ensure students can jive with one of the instructors at a very high level. His master’s degree in Disaster and Emergency Management offers some insight to holistic planning and situational awareness and brings a different level of cohesion to his training sessions.

    His class list as a student is diverse and impressive: Blackwater, the DEA Tactical course, Gunsite and several other top tier programs. He’s decided to affiliate with Get Trained Be Beady because he’s confident in Rob Jennings’ (and the other Instructors and Management) ability to deliver on promises and create a unique, effective program for shooters of all types.

    His 21 years in the USAF and many years as a law enforcement officer have given him unmatchable life experiences and provided him the opportunity to train with some of the best minds in the arena. He is a committed and loyal supporter of the law enforcement and military communities.

    His training resume, certifications and licensure reads like a novel and no one who meets him is unimpressed by his accomplishments and his genuine nature, not to mention his humor.

    Kenny Hollis is an Arkansas Concealed Carry & Enhanced Concealed Carry Instructor; a Glock Armorer; Law Enforcement Trainer (and Firearms Instructor); ALERRT Instructor; is an NRA Certified Instructor in the Pistol, and Personal Protection Inside the Home and Outside the Home disciplines; NRA Range Safety Officer, an I.C.E. Defensive Firearms Coach, Church Safety and Security Team Instructor, and has his Senior Law Enforcement Certificate. He is an Affiliated Instructor with Get Trained Be Ready.

    NRA Instructor Number: 157797857
    ASP CHCL Instructor Number: 15-1159

    Contact: training@gettrainedbeready.com
  • Purity Ingram
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    Meet Purity Ingram, an Affiliate Instructor with Get Trained Be Ready. She’s new to training in a classroom setting, but don’t take her rookie status as a shortfall – this Proud Army Mom has a plethora of certifications and drive that is uncommon in the industry.

    She also knows this is an industry that has been dominated by men historically, but she notes the changes in the number of women and the way women shooters are being embraced. She’s ready to make her mark as an instructor, helping others, including other women become more confident, prepared, and capable of defending themselves and making tactical gunfighting decisions.

    She knows it takes work as a trainer, to stay relevant and even stand out – that’s why she’s been adhering to a rigorous training regimen and seeking out robust certifications over the past several months. As a GTBR trainer, she’s spending many hours at the range and helping others to realize their potential as defensive gun users.

    If Mrs. Ingram isn’t on the range, you might find her hiking or hunting, taking pictures, or engaged in a lively debate defending the Second Amendment. Her husband and children shoot with her and participate vocationally as well, in the industry.

    You can’t separate this woman from her motherly and familial instincts, no matter how much you try – her mantra is “A family that trains together can protect one another”. She’s also fiercely protective of the underdog – her attitude is to always have that protective instinct while teaching those who are weaker or generally timid, how to stand up for themselves.

    Fierce is a good word to describe Purity too, with her competitive nature and personal desire to outperform leading her to an impressive set of credentials. She is an NRA Pistol and Rifle Instructor, Range Safety Officer, CSO, and PSO. She has also completed high-level courses including Intuitive
    Defensive pistol and Carbine; Combat carbine and Shaw Strategies Handgun Vitals. She is also an avid self-defense proponent, including non-armed training, like Krav Maga. Medical and trauma training rounds out her core credentials, as she is certified in CPR and has “Stop the Bleed” training, as well as significant time logged with the AR Dept. of Emergency Management as a Community Emergency Response Team member. Purity is also an Arkansas Concealed Carry Instructor.

    If you need a champion who can teach you a thing or two, as a woman, or as a man – as a shooter and a prepared citizen – Purity Ingram makes an excellent case as your go-to instructor. GTBR is glad to have her as part of the team.

    NRA Instructor Number: 255874877
    ASP CHCL Instructor Number: 20-1451

    Contact: purity.ingram@gettrainedbeready.com
  • Tim Jennings
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    Tim Jennings knows that sometimes a client will just need some extra help. Sometimes you lose a little bit of money if you look at the hours spent for the money gained. But that is OK, because the end result is a credible interaction with a student that is now more capable than ever before. And that is what’s important in the grand scheme of things. One particularly memorable experience with a Get Trained Be Ready Client showcases Tim’s spectacular one on one training capabilities. His student was just struggling so much, with overcoming bad habits from previous courses and past training. The extra time and helpful one-on-one coaching managed to bring this student over the hurdles and to the end goal. He was able to overcome the bad habits and improve his capabilities significantly. Tim and the student both credit it to the additional one-on one time they spent together to ensure the old habits could be replaced with new ones that actually made sense.

    While he is flexible for clients that need a bit of extra help, Tim understands the importance of methodical planning and adherence to best practices. He prefers optimization over wholesale shifts in technique. Small, simple improvements will vastly improve capabilities, when compared to shifting fundamentals around. He is proud to be a structured, professional trainer. He knows that “tried and true” is exactly that, until it isn’t. And just because something is trending, it doesn’t make it worthwhile or applicable, until it’s proven valuable. Tim is interested in the best information available to transfer to the student and he realizes that information is always evolving based on what the human body does naturally. To help new shooters and seasoned shooters alike, realize the best practices in the field and help them to refine techniques instead of changing it up with every different direction the wind blows, makes Tim a happy man.

    He is also dedicated to his craft. He spends a significant amount of time in training sessions himself. He pushes himself to train as often as he teaches. While it isn’t possible all of the time, a significant portion of his “downtime” is spent honing his craft with industry peers and top-level trainers.

    He is Rob Jennings’ (the GTBR founder’s) son, but he knows his dad doesn’t treat him any differently than any other instructor. What’s best for the student is best for Get Trained Be Ready. He’s aggressively working towards adding additional credibility and capability through receiving more training certifications himself and bringing to the classroom and the range, that personal touch that he knows he is very good at delivering.

    A class with Tim means you are getting a close look at what it means to take the work seriously. He is going to help you improve, even if it means he’s got to step up to meet the gap between existing skills for the student and what is possible with GTBR and commit to spending the extra time and going the extra mile with you on your journey to self-reliance and capable defensive shooting.

    Tim is an NRA Certified Instructor in the Pistol, Rifle, and Personal Protection Inside the Home and Outside the Home disciplines, an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, an I.C.E. Defensive Firearms Coach, Church Safety and Security Team Instructor, and he is also CPR Certified. Tim has some tactical range first aid training as well.

    Tim is an Instructor and CRSO with Get Trained Be Ready.

    NRA Instructor Number: 175943719

    Contact: tim.jennings@gettrainedbeready.com
  • Dusty Johnson
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    Dusty Johnson is a one of a kind of a dying breed of old school gun people. He’s a trainer that has a Gunsmithing background. When it comes to in-depth firearms knowledge he is a great resource for the GTBR team. His proficiency in metalworking and welding has helped him to be a legitimate gunsmith and not just a glorified parts changer or armorer. That type of understanding can help students find better fitment; understand how the tools help them and learn faster.

    Speaking of students, his preference is working with new students; those who are sponges looking for information and direction. He prefers these students because they are the ones that he feels that can achieve the biggest improvements and can stand to benefit the most from a great trainer in a standardized setting. He loves explaining the value of top-quality training and being able to deliver such a high-quality experience, regardless of the skill level of the student. He knows that optimization after years of training for some shooters is as important as the basics.

    Dusty is a “straight shooter”; passionate about God, Guns and Family. He’s excited by the prospect of convincing other trainers affiliated with GTBR to combine their skills into a competition shooting team.
    While he brings a lot of important background skills to the table with the extensive gunsmithing and customization experience he has; he is also a well-qualified teacher.

    Dusty Johnson is a Pistol Instructor and Range Safety Officer who also has extensive hunter and boater education experience.

    Dusty is an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, an NRA Range Safety Officer, and Arkansas Concealed Carry & Enhanced Concealed Carry Instructor, and an Affiliate Trainer with GTBR.

    NRA Instructor Number: 155170703
    ASP CHCL Instructor Number: 19-1422

    Contact: dusty.johnson@gettrainedbeready.com
  • Steve Jones
    Stacks Image 3057
    Steve Jones wants GTBR to be a household name – specifically, he wants defensive shooting skills to be a mainstream offering to the general community to help people with confidence and in building the capability of defending themselves adequately. In fact, one of his primary drivers is to bring the community closer together through shooting.

    You get the feeling that he wants to teach without ego when he starts a class, but your respect for him grows when you realize that by the end, he has managed to move the collective group forward with respect and a comprehensive approach that leads you all to be better people; not just better shooters. He doesn’t just appear to be grounded – he delivers on that notion. His calm, focused methods are probably a direct benefit from his frequent meditation and reflection in his own life.

    Steve carries that Zen demeanor with him throughout life and is fully committed to functioning as a student as much as he is a teacher. His commitment has helped others at Get Trained Be Ready to recognize the power of positioning themselves similarly. This concept of achieving a higher plane of reference is key to his success and can help clients and trainers affiliated with GTBR to achieve goals whether they are short-term, intermediate or long-term goals.

    Steve is also pushing for a more robust female shooter program to help those women who want to learn or improve their shooting skills and defensive mindset, to have access to world class training not normally available in the region.

    His holistic outlook will help GTBR and Affiliated Trainers to improve their offerings; deliver more value and attract new clients that wouldn’t ordinarily be looking into this type of training.

    Steve Jones refers to himself as a trainer and a cheerleader for GTBR. His training as a Combat Engineer in the Army Reserves and his varied job experiences, including as a personal trainer and as an entrepreneur, push him to develop interesting content and engaging training sessions. He also has had some success as an NRA High Master, High Power Rifle Shooter.

    He holds the following certifications and licenses: NRA Certified Pistol and Rifle Instructor, an NRA Range Safety Officer, and Arkansas Concealed Carry & Enhanced Concealed Carry Instructor, and a Certified Refuse to Be A Victim Instructor, and a precision rifle instructor, but don’t expect him to stop there, he’s already working on more training as a student so he can deliver more value as a teacher.

    NRA Instructor Number: 238607345

    Contact: training@gettrainedbeready.com
  • Hunter Kelley
    Stacks Image 3068
    Hunter Kelley knows sometimes you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. He maintains an open mind and that makes him something of a rarity in the broader training world. He is committed to avoiding complacency in the skills and mindset that he brings to his clients in the classroom and on the range.

    He is living the life of a true American – it's in his DNA. He can hardly remember a time in his young life that he hasn't had a baseball bat or a firearm in his hands. But just because he's young, it doesn't mean he doesn't know when to speak and when to listen. He understands the importance of observance and listening, especially when helping students push forward.

    He also knows when to take charge and recalls fondly, many times where his unique teaching style has helped a shooter get to where they want to be. Hunter is an NRA Certified Pistol and NRA Range Safety Officer. He works closely with concealed carry license holders and is among the newest, and youngest trainers in the Get Trained Be Ready group.

    He's proud of the success of GTBR and is looking forward to when the company has eclipsed all competition – he knows that students need a strong, smart partner that can help them to learn necessary skills.

    Mr. Kelley practices with the other trainers frequently and mixes up the objectives and targets to stay fresh and hone skills. His approach to training shows his willingness to never get complacent and to always be willing to look for new ways of doing things. He's adamant about steering clear of bad habits and he is always championing not getting stuck in your ways.

    For his students, it's helpful, because they can avoid complacency as well and continually push through plateaus.

    When he isn’t shooting, he's talking sports. Hunter is straightforward and willing to be wrong as long as it results in better skills and a better experience for the clients he trains.

    NRA Instructor Number: 255308629
    ASP CHCL Instructor Number: 21-1509

    Contact: hunter.kelley@gettrainedbeready.com
  • Marvin Kelley
    Stacks Image 3622
    Marvin Kelley is a man of few words when speaking about himself and his accomplishments. In fact, you might hear him say less words in a training session than the words it takes to describe his credentials in the self-defense and shooter training arenas. That may not be the best way to portray his character, because he does have extensive training credentials – and talking a lot doesn't denote expertise necessarily.

    On top of these credentials, the 4 children he parents as a single father have given Marvin the type of experience that makes the most sense for training the public and interacting with people who are new to his specialty training skillset. His foundations are rooted in religion and competitive sports and shooting. To many, this is a perfect fit as a role model. His former and current students generally feel a certain kinship to Marvin. His familial attitude and similar background helps his students feel his investment in them.

    And that type of investment is what makes the trainees that Mr. Kelley trains know that they have gotten legitimate value from working with him. Forget that he is an Arkansas Law Enforcement instructor; a CHCL instructor (and enhanced CHCL) and credentialed by the NRA in Pistol and RSO specialties – what matters most to students isn’t what an instructor knows but how well they can transmit their knowledge and experience. He is also an Assistant Training Administrator for Get Trained Be Ready's Arkansas State Police licensed Institute of Instruction.

    That's Marvin's sweet spot. He knows that every shot counts. Throwing lead downrange does not a proficient shooter make. If the student understands the impact of each shot they take and how each one can be improved upon, then that student will know what is possible and have the catalyst to make it to that apex.

    It’s the same type of character that he tries to instill in his children – if his training style in any indication, his students and his children can all learn a lot from him.

    NRA Instructor Number:
    ASP CHCL Instructor Number: 15-1187

    Contact: marvin.kelley@gettrainedbeready.com
  • Gene Malone
    Stacks Image 3774
    Gene Malone is a Medical training focused instructor who also works as a flight paramedic. He has an immense sense of ownership for the journey of all the students that come through Get Trained Be Ready. While he may not have trained them directly, he knows his input and his contribution to the brain trust that is GTBR, has influenced the capabilities of every client that has been part of the training at the company.

    He's passionate about helping clients to become more well-rounded and acquiring real-world medical skills for active shooter situations and others where the additional training could save lives. He's also fully vested in the protection of rights and the maintenance of the second amendment.

    If he isn't running, he may be hiking with his family or dropping into a class to keep his skills sharp. Skill sharpening is his angle in training for students too. He believes that a holistic and varied approach to the real-world skills GTBR teaches is necessary. He knows that students cannot help but be helped by the incorporation of medical training in classes.

    Adding skills like medical training makes more complete shooters. They think differently; and understand the importance of defensive as well as offensive tactics. They can understand what to do in the immediate situation and make more informed choices.

    That extends beyond the classroom and the range though. Gene is a huge proponent of an educated American people. His concept of patriotism runs deep. He knows that the more the people know and the more they learn about their rights the better citizens they can be.

    Mr. Malone is a Training Instructor with GTBR and focuses mostly in the Medical Instruction areas.

    His former military service was instrumental in pushing him towards the shooting and safety training arena; but because he is deeply ensconced in the medical skillset, he has been pushing to help students learn all they can to become more complete and capable. His vision for the student is that they can grow and learn so when the time comes they are able to act decisively and with a clear head and a focused determination to help save lives – and protect freedoms.

    Contact: training@gettrainedbeready.com
  • Rachel Martin
    Stacks Image 3734
    There’s an all-inclusive concept behind how Certified Pistol Instructor and Range Safety Officer Rachel Martin teaches.

    Part of it comes from the experience she has teaching and training in other fields - adapting to learning hurdles that students might have, or helping them to understand the process from a different perspective.

    Part of it comes from the idea that the Second Amendment stands for something and it’s important to teach and carry a respect for firearms, the community and the ideas it espouses.

    Part of it is about her own journey in training and learning her diverse set of skills. No matter what - it shows that she can take charge of a class, but still help you feel like you’re learning from your best friend.

    New shooters and experienced shooters alike can immediately recognize that a class with Rachel is going to be a journey that helps them develop concept upon concept until all those concepts come together in harmony. And that’s important - to have a holistic view of the process, the environment and the challenges of a self defense shooting situation, where variables can exist that aren’t normal.

    To have the understanding of the possibilities because you’ve trained upon a bedrock of diverse concepts until they all make sense - that’s what leaves you prepared to get the Job Done. It’s very literally: Getting Trained and Being Ready.

    Rachel’s demeanor should appeal to new students nicely, as she is constantly building on principles and foundational skills, while she has that unique ability to maintain approachability and comfort levels while in stressful situations. The new culture of shooting is evolving and the newest entrants to shooting sports and tactical and self defense training is changing. That new type of shooter seeking training will like what Ms. Martin has to offer.

    When she isn’t slinging lead on the range, you might find her at a local concert, riding an ATV on a barely visible trail, or debating in her head, the best way to approach a student to solve a problem in their training.

    She’s engaged in figuring out a game plan before the need arises at class and that’s a comforting thing.

    NRA Instructor Number: 259607620

    Contact: training@gettrainedbeready.com
  • John Miller
    Stacks Image 3600
    John Miller thinks he can make a different kind of impact on you when you train with him. Based on how passionate he is about honing his craft and other things that are important to him, we’re inclined to believe he can.

    John knows that many students who have taken industry standard firearms training don’t come back for more training because they didn’t get a great instructor on their first run. He wants to change that. The diversity of course offerings and this instructor’s desire to improve on all facets of the training program make Get Trained Be ready a perfect place for a trainer like him.

    If you were ever to catch him in his living room standing up shouting at the television while he watches a soccer game, you might get a sense for the ravenous appetite for improvement and accountability that he has. It’s part of his regimen when he trains so hard month in and month out to pick up nuance and comprehensiveness in his own skillset.

    He’s innovative in his thinking and pushes himself beyond his limits to continuously improve on what he can do when training hard on difficult skillsets. He’ll probably put a few thousand rounds more through the barrel than most other instructors in the region each year. He attends varied coursework on things like medical combination training on the range (he’s a certified First Aid/CPR/AED trainer with the American Heart Association as well).

    He also wants to help shooters become familiar with their surroundings and make comprehensive plans to help them in home defense scenarios through prior planning and spatial awareness. The satisfaction he gets from helping people realize a best practice and be able to implement it flawlessly is enormous. He’s been drawn to the collegial, familial aspect of the training industry because it’s so rewarding to teach hard skills to a wide variety of people and see it click for them.

    He’d like to be able to call all his students his friends and know that they have the ability to defend themselves in a variety of difficult situations when they leave his classes.

    Look to John Miller to be a driver of continuous improvement for the rest of the GTBR team and help implement innovative courses and resources into the mix while he helps individuals achieve their shooting goals.

    John is an NRA Certified Pistol and Rifle Instructor, an NRA Range Safety Officer, American Heart Association First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor and Arkansas Concealed Carry & Enhanced Concealed Carry Instructor. He's also an I.C.E. Defensive Firearms Coach, Church Safety and Security Team Instructor, John has completed the Modern Samurai Project's Red Dot Pistol: Fundamentals & Performance Instructor Course, 2 day LRF Active Shooter Instructor graduate, and he's a Senior Instructor and Mentor with GTBR as well as an Assistant Training Administrator for Get Trained Be Ready's Arkansas State Police licensed Institute of Instruction.

    NRA Instructor Number: 228801092
    ASP CHCL Instructor Number: 18-1380

    Contact: john.miller@gettrainedbeready.com
  • Darrin Parker
    Stacks Image 3090
    Darrin Parker thinks that everyone should feel comfortable worshipping in church. He is a diehard supporter of the improvement of church safety team training and the proliferation of this type of training. He’s spent a lot of time working with congregation members to help them fine-tune defensive strategies as active shooter events at places of worship increase year after year. He’s driven to help build that aspect for the GTBR team.

    If you ask him what’s most important to him, you get the sense he’s a protector. He loves his kids and his family and his churchgoing acquaintances. He wants to help empower people to be capable in times of urgency and danger. His style of training is deeply rooted in the idea of self-sufficiency through proper understanding and varied skill exposure.

    He feels a deep connection to those that came before him and those who he comes in contact with – it is his plan to help instill confidence and control in the students he trains with, whether that is one-on-one, or in larger group settings. What you get with Darrin when you train with him is a unique sense that you are the only two people on the range or in the classroom. He wants to make sure you understand things in the way that helps you to improve the most.

    It is this type of training optimization that Darrin feels will be a benefit for him as an Affiliate Trainer with Get Trained Be Ready. He specializes in training those who wish to build up and protect their fellow churchgoers in the congregation whether they are there on a Sunday or for any other event. His passion for the church training program that is continually improving at GTBR will help to make it a top tier offering in the training industry. You can be sure of that.

    Darrin is a GTBR Instructor, I.C.E. Defensive Firearms Coach, Church Safety and Security Team Instructor, NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer, Arkansas Concealed Carry & Enhanced Concealed Carry Instructor, 2 day LRF Active Shooter Instructor graduate, First Aid/CPR/AED Certified, and B-Con (NAEMT) Trained.

    Darrin is an Instructor and RSO with Get Trained Be Ready.

    NRA Instructor Number: 231220789
    ASP CHCL Instructor Number: 19-1415

    Contact: darrin.parker@gettrainedbeready.com
  • Phil Robinson
    Stacks Image 3123
    Having been in an Army family growing up, Phil got to travel around the world and see what the military had to offer from an early age. After marrying his high school sweetheart and graduating from Oklahoma State University, Phil decided it was time to reconnect with his military roots – he joined the Air Force, where he served in a distinguished career for 21 years, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel.

    The core of his career in the Air Force was focused mostly on Aircraft maintenance where he saw frequent assignments to work on The C-17, C-130 and the B-52. He also worked on training aircraft to keep them in tip top shape to keep pilots learning safely. It’s a theme with Phil, that he loves the safety and personal aspect of what he does. He is a natural leader, who has commanded two squadrons, and served as a deputy group commander. Phil served a deployment in Qatar, where he wore many hats to support the military efforts and joint operational work in the region.

    During his time in the military, he felt a certain pull to civic duty as well, where he volunteered as a part time firefighter and worked in areas including Arkansas, South Carolina and Louisiana. He has served as the Cabot, AR Fire Chief/Fire Marshall, where he felt honored to be able to continue to serve his community. He has established deep roots in Cabot and some members of his family continue his military legacy by serving in capacities that take them to other locations around the globe.

    Phil serves as a(n) RSO (Range Safety Officer) and Instructor for Get Trained Be Ready and holds the following certifications applicable to his work with the company: NRA Instructor (Pistol, Rifle, Home Firearm Safety, Personal Protection In/Outside the Home), He is an Arkansas Concealed Carry & Enhanced Concealed Carry Instructor, Church Safety and Security Team Instructor, CPR Instructor, CRASE Instructor, Active Aggressor Integrated Response Instructor, a 2 day LRF Active Shooter Instructor graduate, and a Stop-The-Bleed Instructor. He is also a key player in our CPR/Basic Trauma and Tactical Range Medicine programs and he is our ASP key point of contact for our Arkansas State Police licensed Institute of Instruction where we focus on training security personnel.

    His insights and understanding of crucial aspects of today’s most valuable training skills include a deep specialty knowledge of Post Incident Recovery, rapid evacuation and physical security, as well as pistol handling.

    One of Phil’s favorite stories regarding the type of work he does with Get Trained be Ready, was helping to coach his wife through the process of obtaining an AR CHCL (Arkansas State Concealed Handgun Carry License) A condition with her eyesight made qualifications difficult. Proudly they can both recall just how well she did.

    Phil tries to stay on the pulse of the industry and trends within it, and is always working with students to keep them abreast of the latest developments that might give them an advantage in a real world defensive scenario. When he isn’t in a class helping to teach students how to excel in defensive shooting, you might find the devoted Christian, dropping some mechanical knowledge on an engine somewhere, Scuba Diving or flying.

    Phil is an Instructor and RSO and the Director of our CSSO program as well as an Assistant Training Administrator for Get Trained Be Ready's Arkansas State Police licensed Institute of Instruction.

    NRA Instructor Number: 206566770
    ASP CHCL Instructor Number: 14-1018

    Contact: phil.robinson@gettrainedbeready.com
  • Tim Togami
    Stacks Image 3592
    Tim Togami is a measured, relaxed, but ready instructor. He’s been training with GTBR as a student for some time and in his words - GTBR is a perfect fit for his mentality. He graciously describes this team as supportive, capable, experienced, without hype and all about improvement. We think it’s safe to say Tim’s a good fit with this team.

    His willingness to be a student and a teacher has improved his ability to help shooters get better, while he becomes more refined in his technique as well.

    Tim has watched the demographics of the gun industry change dramatically over the past several years and knows how important his 3+ decades in a classroom can help in a politically charged industry as new shooters come into the fold.

    He’s got the credentials too - with a NRA Pistol Instructor certificate, NRA RSO, and several of the GTBR Core classes, under his belt. He’s completed the highly regarded GTBR Church Safety & Security, Defensive Pistol, Intuitive Defensive Shooting and Basic trauma and CPR courses. With his life experience it makes him very capable in the classroom and on the range.

    Tim Togami is very approachable. He is also a civilian and a teacher by trade, so his comfort level with beginner shooters is good from both sides. He’s just like you, and he knows what it takes to advance in tactical training, even if you’re just starting or stopping with the basics. His student-centric philosophy is inviting for GTBR’s newest students. There is no US & THEM in Tim’s mind - just people who want to TEACH and people who want to LEARN. Again - his ability to work within the Get Trained Be Ready ecosystem offers a perfect harmony for what this whole team is about.

    Country, church and family play large roles in Mr. Togami’s life and as he has moved around the country to and from several states, his Patriotism and these other foundations in his life have helped him to thrive and make inroads into relationships and improve upon himself. What you see is what you get with Tim and he’s looking forward to helping you progress on your gun training journey to be a better shooter and a better human.

    Tim is a Pistol instructor and Range Safety Officer with Get Trained Be Ready.

    NRA Instructor Number: 074672609
    ASP CHCL Instructor Number: 21-1539

    Contact: tim.togami@gettrainedbeready.com
  • Dwayne Wilson
    Stacks Image 3745
    Dwayne Wilson is a funny guy. He's also a man of few words. It would be only fitting to approach his bio the same way, short and sweet and full of dry humor, but we know there's a deeper story here that needs to be told. Dwayne's general understanding of life and the training he provides make it easy to be someone who only speaks when necessary to stay concise.

    He's the type of trainer that will watch. He will listen. Two ears and one mouth – he'll tell you exactly what you need to know after digesting all of the available information and applying his special set of skills to help you improve.

    Those skills come in part, from real life experience, including credentialing as an NRA Pistol and Rifle Instructor, Range Safety Officer and Metallic Cartridge Reloading Instructor . You'll find him talking about reloading more often than many other topics – when he does talk. You'd probably find him outdoors doing outdoor things including hunting, hiking or camping when he isn't working or shooting.

    Mr. Wilson, who might jokingly refer to himself as a "general slacker" if you ask him his job title, also pulls no punches when it comes to striving for excellence and pushing for completeness. There is always room for improvement in his book; and he has a tight regimen of ongoing training to do just that as an individual.

    He also recognizes the extreme value of the team – part of the reason he is a trainer with GTBR. His exposure to guns all his life and his undying push to get more and better skills makes him a great trainer for those who would rather listen and learn than talk about it.

    NRA Instructor Number: 33365990

    Contact: dwayne.wilson@gettrainedbeready.com
  • Lynn Yandell
    Stacks Image 3167
    You might envision Lynn Yandell as a bit obsessive if you look at his various skillsets and the passion with which he operates on a daily basis. But that’s a compliment, and a testament to the extreme care and specialization that he takes as a trainer and as a citizen of his community. Knowing you are training with someone who takes his own achievements and training so seriously is a boost to your journey as you try to soak up the experience and knowledge that someone like Lynn has.

    He has been in the trainer scene in North West Arkansas for a long time and he has paid close attention to the evolving training landscape. He has chosen to partner with Get Trained Be Ready because he recognizes that he fits in well with the caliber of trainers and Management that he sees in the GTBR crew. His eye for detail and his ability to assess a situation are top level attributes that you’ll notice early on when training with Lynn. It’s this type of attention to detail and high-level understanding that will help a good shooter to become a great shooter.

    Guys like Lynn who are passionate for training people how to be their best in bad situations, have basically forged the industry in his neck of the woods. He is a veteran trainer that takes clients by appointment everyday of the week. It doesn’t take much to find him either – his reputation speaks for itself. His individualized, strategic approach to each client makes word of mouth easy to come by.

    Lynn is in relentless pursuit of perfection, and he may someday get there, but for now he and his many students are happy with the impeccable training he has provided over the years that continually gets more refined and optimized.

    With the recent increase in active shooter scenarios, Lynn has identified an industry inadequacy. His oversight and ability to see the bigger picture will help GTBR to deliver a world class program to train for these types of situations, that only gets better each time they run the class. Having him and the GTBR team able to train clients comprehensively in this type of event means that fear and discomfort are a thing of the past. He embodies the concept and the namesake: “Get Trained Be Ready”.

    Lynn Yandell has served in multiple technology roles for the City of Fayetteville, the University of Arkansas, and Wal-Mart Inc. Lynn holds multiple training certifications from the NRA, Microsoft, and the State of Arkansas and holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Arkansas College of Engineering. Lynn has also lobbied in Washington D.C. for Trout Unlimited and the National Wildlife Federation. He and his wife Melissa are avid fly fishers and live on their 315 acre hobby farm in West Fork, Arkansas where they share a love of the outdoors with their horses and dogs. He is also a huge proponent of wildlife habitat improvement and conservation.

    While his role at GTBR is mostly as an instructor, his vast experiences and many passions helps to round out this Affiliated Trainer.

    He lists the following certifications and skillsets as pertinent to his time with students at GTBR:

    Certified Home Firearm Safety; Certified Pistol; Certified Refuse to Be A Victim; Chief Range Safety Officer; Personal Protection in the Home; Personal Protection Outside the Home
    He is an Arkansas Enhanced CHCL Instructor ()

    Lynn is an NRA Certified Instructor in the Pistol, Personal Protection Inside the Home and Outside the Home disciplines, an NRA Range Safety Officer, Certified Refuse to Be A Victim, and Arkansas Concealed Carry & Enhanced Concealed Carry Instructor.

    If that list doesn’t denote competence and a well-rounded resume, then we don’t know what to say.

    Lynn is an Affiliate Trainer with GTBR and has students all over Arkansas with fond memories of his training time with them.

    NRA Instructor Number: 34848491
    ASP CHCL Instructor Number: 13-841

    Contact: training@gettrainedbeready.com
  • And Others
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    We have a large group of ad hoc instructors and partner companies we have alliances with that provide extended training in a lot of different areas. We are connected to Security Companies, Reality Based Scenario Trainers, Senior Instructors from the I.C.E. and Intuitive Defensive Shooting teams, Medical Personnel, Law Enforcement, and many others.

    We are constantly striving to find the best training and the best instructors to affiliate with our company to bring you the best training experience possible whether it is for Instructor Development, Church Safety Team Training, Commissioned School Security Officer Training, Concealed Carry and Defensive Shooting Instruction, CPR and Basic Trauma, or other courses we offer.