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We have the best training program in Arkansas. If you need a program, we can provide one. If you have a program, we can upgrade it.
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Let us inspire fresh thinking with our Risk Mitigating Strategies for Professional Development Days and LEARNS Act School Security Assessments. Our goal is to encourage you to break free from traditional constraints and discover new, effective ways to address challenges and enhance security measures. By embracing an outside-the-box mindset, we can collaboratively develop strategies that are forward-thinking, adaptable, and tailored to meet the unique needs of your district.


We offer Professional Development Days for your Staff.

What does a Professional Development Day look like when we come to your campus?

Medical Training including First Aid, CPR, AED, Basic Trauma; Crisis Management Plan Evaluation for Natural and Man-made Disasters; Active Shooter Drills for Staff and Security; Force on Force; and a lot more. Choose a tab below for more information.

We offer LEARNS Act School Security Assessments.

What happens when Get Trained Be Ready comes to your campus to conduct a Professional LEARNS Act School Security Assessment?

The LEARNS Act provides specific minimum criteria for School Security Assessments, all of which our assessment method surpasses. Our process is characterized by professionalism, thoroughness, and attention to detail, meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of your school. It goes above and beyond the requirements outlined in the LEARNS Act. With extensive experience in both federal and state security measures, our team is well-equipped to address critical personnel and infrastructure concerns. Click to explore the detailed breakdown of our process.

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We offer Professional School Security Assessments.

What happens when Get Trained Be Ready comes to do a Professional LEARNS Act School Security Assessment on your campus?

The LEARNS Act outlines specific minimum criteria for School Security Assessments, all of which our assessment method exceeds. Here's a detailed breakdown of our process:

  1. Pre-Assessment Questionnaire: We provide you with an online questionnaire to complete before our visit. This questionnaire, tailored to school security needs, serves as the initial baseline for our assessment.

  2. Assessment Scheduling: We coordinate with you to schedule a suitable time for the assessment. On the agreed-upon day, our team, typically comprising a couple of instructors, arrives at your school.

  3. On-Site Walkthrough: Upon arrival, we meet with the person in charge of your school security program, whether it's the School Resource Officer (SRO), Superintendent, Administrator, or other relevant personnel. We then conduct a comprehensive walkthrough of your school premises.

  4. Evaluation Focus: Throughout the assessment, we focus on several key aspects:

  5. Verifying that your staff is well-versed in security procedures.

  6. Ensuring that your facility aligns with established security protocols.

  7. Reviewing the responses provided in the pre-assessment questionnaire to ensure alignment with our evaluation.

  8. Note-taking and Observation: During the walkthrough, our team takes detailed notes and makes observations regarding the effectiveness of existing procedures and any potential areas for improvement.

  9. Detailed Report: Following the assessment, we compile our findings into a comprehensive report. This report includes:

  10. A summary of working procedures that are effective and in line with best practices.

  11. Identification of areas that could be improved or enhanced.

  12. Recommendations for enhancing security measures based on our observations and expertise.

  13. Delivery of Report: We provide you with the detailed report, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of our assessment findings and recommendations. This report serves as a valuable tool for enhancing your school's security measures and preparedness.

Overall, our assessment process is thorough, detailed, and tailored to meet the specific needs of your school, exceeding the requirements outlined in the LEARNS Act.

  • School Safety & Security FAQs
    • Do you offer Active Shooter training for schools?
      We provide Active Shooter training for educational facilities at the primary, secondary, or beyond levels. See the Commissioned School Security Officer and our Active Shooter pages for more information.
    • Do you do LEARNS Act School Security Evaluations?
      Yes, indeed. We've crafted the most comprehensive security evaluation in Arkansas. Drawing from extensive experience in government agencies and law enforcement, we've developed a top-tier assessment tailored specifically for your school district's needs. Find out more on scheduling your evaluation HERE.
    • Can you do a Professional Development Day at my school district?
      Yes we can. We can test crisis management plans, provide medical training, active shooter scenarios, and more. Click Here for more information. Click Here to schedule your PD Day.
    • How do I become an Arkansas Commissioned Security Officer?
      Arkansas legislative Act 393 starting in section 17-40-101 outlines the requirements to become a CSSO in Arkansas. General requirements to become a CSSO in Arkansas include:
      • Complete the 60 hour training required in Rule 10 offered by Get Trained Be Ready Institute of Instruction license #IOI0000016.
      • Apply through your School District to become a CSSO for your School District.
      • Pass a criminal background check conducted by the FBI and Arkansas State Police.
      • Complete 24 hours of training with Get Trained Be Ready annually to maintain your credentials and commission.
    • Do you train School Security Guards and Teams?
      Yes, we offer some very diverse options for School Security training and Commissioned School Security Officers to address a variety of security concerns.
    • Do you train Commissioned School Security Officers (CSSO) in Arkansas?
      Yes, we train Commissioned School Security Officers (CSSO) in Arkansas for origination training, refresher training, and renewal training. We offer a variety of options for you to choose from that comply with the Arkansas State Police training requirements.
    • Do you offer School Security Team training scenarios?
      We provide Reality Based Training for school security officers and administrators that includes everything from integration with law enforcement to triage during and after an event. Depending on what your training goals are, we can do simulations and scenarios. This generally involves role players and your team members. Generally, we need to have some time training your team to a minimum level of proficiency before you jump into scenario based training. It is best described as a crawl, walk, run, run faster type of methodology.
    • Can you come to my campus for School Security Guard (CSSO) training?
      We have training teams that mobilize and can come to you for whatever kind of training you require to meet your goals. Depending on the type of training, we might need you to provide some resources or facilities for us to use for this training. Please contact us directly for more information.
    • Are you doing School Security Guard or Commissioned School Security Officer training near me?
      We do training events all over Arkansas and surrounding states. Most of our School Security Officer and CSSO events are private and not open to non-team members of those organizations. As teams get better trained, it's not unusual for us to build training to suit their skill level. We provide a lot of onsite training that is specific to the facilities or campuses that a team expects to operate in.

      We do have some open to the public events for individuals or team members to attend. Keep an eye on our training calendar for those events and there is always the opportunity for you to Host us for a training event with other local schools in your area.
    • How much does training cost for School Security Guards (CSSO) and Teams?
      There are a lot of variables involved. Pricing is directly correlated to what training you need (new refresher, or renewal), how many instructors we need to provide to achieve your goals, if ranges or facilities have to be rented, or special equipment must be provided. Please fill out our Training Questionnaire to help us understand your training requirements.
    • Can you help our school campus with security procedures?
      We can give you an honest evaluation of where you need to start, what you need to do next, and how best to create a sustainable training methodology to meet the needs of your campus as well as protect your teacher, administrator, security officers, and students. We can do LEARNS Act Security Assessments or Professional Development Days.
    • Do you have School Security Guard (CSSO) training training courses?
      Yes. We offer a 60 hour Commissioned School Security Officer training course that includes an overview of the pertinent law, active shooter training, shoot/no shoot drills, defensive firearms usage, CPR and basic trauma training, simulation/scenario training, and more. For additional information, see our CSSO Training page.
    • Can you recommend School Security and Medical Emergency equipment?
      We can certainly recommend equipment whether it's medical equipment, radios, firearms, video, facility security, and more. We will recommend equipment that we know works well and in certain applications, we can recommend places to get it or installers who can install it.

      We can also train you in the use of this equipment in order to maximize the benefits of it. If you haven't trained realistically, then you really don't know that it works.
    • Can you help us develop a School Security plan with Standard Operating procedures?
      We can help you with options to enable you create Standard Operating Procedures that will be beneficial to your campus, facility, staff, and students.
    • Can you help train our Security guards (CSSO) for medical emergencies?
      In an active killer / active shooter situation, it's imperative that you have the medical supplies needed and the knowledge on how to use them. Stopping the bleed and CPR are major parts of keeping an injured staff member or student alive until help arrives.

      We offer several options for medical training from CPR to Basic Trauma care including hands on use of the medical equipment we can recommend and provide not only in a practical learning environment, but in simulation and scenario based training applications.
    • Can you work with large and small school districts?
      We can train all sizes of school districts. We see many times that small districts reach out in the community to other small districts and do a combined Hosting event. On occasion smaller school districts see the benefit of a private training event that is focused on their facility with only their team members.