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Active Shooter / Active Killer / Mass Casualty Response Training

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Why our Active Shooter / Active Killer Response Training

There are several compelling reasons to opt for Get Trained Be Ready's Active Shooter Response Training:

  • Get Trained Be Ready is a recognized authority in evaluating the safety and active shooter programs for churches, corporations, and educational institutions.
  • We offer the flexibility to deploy our training teams to your location, ensuring the most realistic training experience within your own facility.
  • Our expertise lies in tailoring programs to suit the unique requirements of your Organization, House of Worship, School District, or Business.
  • We cater to organizations of all sizes, from rural school districts to large churches.
  • Our team of instructors come from a variety of backgrounds in leadership positions of various branches of the military, law enforcement agencies, emergency medical training, and critical incident defensive shooting. We hold certifications from respected institutions, including ALICE, ALERRT, Intuitive Defensive Shooting through the I.C.E. Training Company, and many others. Meet your instructor team here.
  • Our training approach encompasses a blend of classroom instruction, range training, and on-site scenario exercises to enhance proficiency among your team members, employees, volunteers, or members.
  • We extend our support beyond the training course, offering guidance on existing safety and security concerns, as well as assisting with the development of standard operating procedures.
  • Depending on your organization's specific needs, we can provide both armed and unarmed response training.
  • We have the capability to design and implement a program tailored to your exact specifications, whether you require a basic or comprehensive approach.
  • As a part of, or in addition to active shooter response training, we offer a range of Medical/CPR/First Aid/Basic Trauma training options.
  • We help establish regular protocols for securing your organization on a day-to-day basis.
  • We provide valuable recommendations for effective communication in times of crisis.
  • Our team can assist in selecting, streamlining, and training your organization in the use of specific equipment as needed.

The “what you see is all there is” aka WYSIATI principle

The “what you see is all there is” aka WYSIATI principle illustrates the limitations of relying solely on experience or dogmatic traditions as a metric for learning or teaching. Since it’s impossible to have experienced all circumstances, we have to think beyond introspection and find what we didn’t know through an analytical and academic process that expands beyond our narrow perspective, beyond our given industry, and especially beyond our perceived norm.

Think outside your circle of experience. ~ Michael Dasargo
(Intuitive Defensive Shooting Instructor)
What You See Is All There Is Principle

Diversity is important

You need training that is greater than your experience. That's what we can offer in a variety of courses and settings with a very diverse group of instructors from a variety of backgrounds including Law Enforcement, Military, Competitive Shooting, and many instructors with lots of classroom and range instruction time. Our team has seen a lot, trained a lot, and learned a lot. We have spent many hours learning what works best and refining the way we present it. We continuously work on improving our education and understanding in this rapidly evolving threat environment. We consider the big picture and find a way to make it applicable and congruent to the operations of your organization. If your organization requires armed responses to these types of events, we can provide that skillset also. We also believe in honing physical skillsets, not just meeting a minimum qualification standards. We have the skills necessary to build the training model you need.

We can help you build a plan, practice the plan, refine the plan, and provide you useful tools to save lives of those in your organization should you get caught in a natural disaster or man-made mass casualty event.

We can help.

Come Train With Us.

  • Training Module Options
    • Mindset, Preparation, and Prevention
      Classroom Training and Discussion option:

      • The importance of carrying and using a pistol responsibly & ethically for protection of your organization
      • Mental awareness and techniques for avoiding life-threatening confrontations
      • Mental Preparation to develop a defensive mindset for carrying and using a pistol for of your organization
      • Discussion the psychological and physiological changes that occur during an attack
      • Controlling an encounter
      • If you have to shoot
      • Guns and Gear recommendations for armed responses
    • Threats to Organizational Safety and Security
      Classroom Training and Discussion option:

      • The importance of facilities management, communications, and access
      • How Domestic Violence impacts safety and security of your organization
      • Communication and De-escalation
      • Review Assessment
      • Profiling, Generalization, and Intuition
      • Team Organization
      • Aftermath of a Significant Event
    • ALICE and ALERRT Active Shooter Response Training and Armed Response Training
      Classroom Training and Discussion option:

      • ALICE Training has a solution for your organization. ALICE works in any industry and organizations of any size. We can prepare your organization to respond to violence.
      • ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) Training instructor led classes provide preparation and a plan for individuals and organizations on how to more proactively handle the threat of an aggressive intruder or active shooter event. Whether it is an attack by an individual person or by an international group of professionals intent on conveying a political message through violence, ALICE Training option based tactics have become the accepted response, versus the traditional “lockdown only” approach.
      • Protection and safety must be the priority in an Active Shooter event or Terrorist Attack. Circumstantial and operational concerns vary in every new situation. ALICE Training provides options and classes that address the unique challenges specific to Police/LE, K-12 Schools, Healthcare Facilities, Higher Education, Businesses, Government, and Houses of Worship.
      • ALERRT (Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training) Active Shooter Response Training. The Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Center at Texas State University was created in 2002 as a partnership between Texas State University, the San Marcos, Texas Police Department and the Hays County, Texas Sheriff’s Office to address the need for active shooter response training for first responders. In 2013, ALERRT at Texas State was named the National Standard in Active Shooter Response Training by the FBI.
      • ALERRT and ALICE can be integrated with mass casualty and triage scenarios as well as an integrated Law Enforcement scenario.
      • We also offer armed response scenario based training for your team as an option to this training.
    • CPR, Basic Trauma and Medical Emergency Training
      Classroom Training and Discussion option:

      • Introduction to Medical Emergencies
      • Introduction to Traumatic Emergencies
      • Introduction to Triage
      • Build the IFAK (optional)
      • CPR Certification (optional)
      • Scenario Based Training (optional)
    • De-Escalation Options
      Classroom Training and Discussion option:

      • Introduction to De-Escalation
      • One day or multiple day events
      • Practical exercises
      • De-Escalation Scenario Training
    • Customized Training Options
      We can build a training event for you and your team based on the objectives you give us:

      • Schools
      • Churches
      • Businesses
      • Other Organizations

      How we can customize your training:

      • Scenario Training
      • Force on Force
      • Training at your location
      • and more…

      Click HERE to fill out a training questionnaire to help us build a training event to meet your needs.
    • Armed Response Team Live Fire Training
      Range Training (One day or multi-day pistol and carbine options):

      • Intuitive Defensive Shooting
      • Fundaments of Defensive Shooting
      • Combat Accuracy & Combat Effectiveness
      • Lateral Movement
      • Multiple Shot Strings of Fire
      • Presentation from Concealment
      • Use of Cover & Concealment
      • 360 Degree Threat Environment
      • Engagement from unorthodox positions
      • Range Qualification (if desired)

      Click HERE to see what you would need to bring to a Get Trained Be Ready Armed Response range event.
  • Do you offer Active Shooter, Active Killer, Mass Casualty training?
    We provide active shooter, active killer, mass casualty training that enables and empowers you and your organization to better prepared to deal with a traumatic event of this nature. We believe early detection and defense in depth are important segments of training. Any organization needs more than just offense. A complete picture includes education of team members and stakeholders; honest evaluation of facilities and team members' abilities, and realistic goals that include more than minimum standards and checking boxes.

    As ALERRT and ALICE certified Instructors, we provide informational seminars as well as hands on training to enable your organization to be better equipped to deal with a man made or natural disaster.
  • Do you offer Active Shooter, Active Killer, Mass Casualty scenario training?
    We do offer scenario based and simulated training options. Scenario training done right is more that showing up and putting on a show. It's got to be well thought out against the backdrop of your team or organization's intentions. To make this meaningful and maximize the training benefits while managing expectations, we need to evaluate your organization's current abilities versus long term training goals and see how we can move forward to accomplishing those goals.

    Depending on what your requirements are, we may need you to provide us with passive role players, facilities, ranges, etc. It would help us greatly if you would fill out the Training Questionnaire and tell us what those expectations are.
  • Do you offer Active Shooter, Active Killer, Mass Casualty armed and unarmed response training?
    Yes, we offer training on both sides of the armed/unarmed issue. We believe there is a place for both. Most teams that we train are a blend of armed and unarmed team members. Unarmed team members are valuable in roles many times an armed responder isn't suited for. Even though we believe teams should have armed members to mitigate a threat of this nature, we would never advocate that a team member be armed if they are not trained and comfortable with their weapons and abilities.
  • Do you offer Active Shooter, Active Killer, Mass Casualty medical, CPR, Basic Trauma training?
    From simple incidents like fainting to critical incidents like stroke or heart attack, we can help train you to use the tools at your disposal to effect the best outcome possible. When it comes to Active Shooter, Active Killer, or Mass Casualty events, we know that Basic Trauma Care and CPR are lifesaving tools. These lifesaving tools should be integrated with all your other training including any scenario training we do with your organization.
  • Do you offer Active Shooter training for churches?
    We provide Active Shooter training for churches and houses of worship of all denominations. We believe that self-defense is a God given basic human right. See the Church Security and Safety Team page for more information.
  • Do you offer Active Shooter training for schools?
    We provide Active Shooter training for educational facilities at the primary, secondary, or beyond levels. See the Commissioned School Security Officer page for more information.
  • Do you offer Active Shooter training for business or other organizations?
    Yes we offer training to a variety of establishments. It is of foremost importance for us to understand your training expectations and long term goals. Banks have different training needs than medical clinics who are agin different than small business retailers. Please fill out our Training Questionnaire to help us evaluate what kind of training opportunities we can provide you.
  • Can I host you for Active Shooter, Active Killer, Mass Casualty training at my church, school, business, or organization?
    We get hosted a lot. If your organization has several employees, security team members, etc. it is usually much more efficient and economical if we come to you for training. We have teams that mobilize trainers and equipment to bring you the training that you need whether it's seminar based or scenario driven. To help us understand those needs, please fill out our Training Questionnaire. To see more about hosting, go to our Host an Event page.
  • What is a Mass Casualty event?
    Mass Casualty events include Active Shooter and Active Killer events, but they also encompass natural disasters as well. Natural disasters require many of the same skillsets as man made disasters: medical, basic trauma, safety and security of persons and facilities, etc.
  • How much does Active Shooter, Active Killer, Mass Casualty training at my church, school, business, or organization training cost?
    There are a lot of variables involved. Pricing is directly correlated to what training you need, how many instructors we need to provide to achieve your goals, if ranges or facilities have to be rented, or special equipment must be provided.

    We need to know more about your goals. Please fill out our Training Questionnaire to enable us to better understand your needs.
  • Can you help us develop an Active Shooter plan with Standard Operating Procedures?
    We can help you with several aspects of creating Standard Operating Procedures that would be beneficial to your campus, facility, staff, and membership. This is more effective after a hosted training event that allows us time to review your facilities and your staff, stakeholders, team members, and your future objectives.
  • Can you train both large and small organizations?
    We can train you where you are, whoever you are, and however you need to be trained.