Veratus Et Utilitus

Our Mantra. Tell the student the truth they need to know. This stands as our foundational belief. At the heart of our educational philosophy lies the commitment to convey fundamental truths to our students. This principle serves as the bedrock shaping our approach to teaching. Our mission involves equipping you to achieve your training goals, whether they pertain to personal growth or organizational advancement. To realize this mission, we assure you of our unwavering honesty (the TRUTH) in assessing your present standing in relation to your desired achievements.

While any instructor can introduce novel concepts, not all educators solely convey established methodologies and equip you with the skills to adapt to diverse scenarios by fostering a comprehensive grasp of defensive shooting principles. We impart not only the most effective techniques (UTILITY), but also instill practicality yielding Efficiency. Our intention goes beyond merely "expanding your skillset"; rather, we endeavor to place the OPTIMAL tool within your toolkit, not just “another” tool in your toolkit. Efficiency thrives on consistency, and often, simplicity wins the day. We recognize that sometimes a narrower array of choices empowers individuals to make sound and swift decisions even in the most demanding circumstances.

What We Teach

With credentials in ICE Training's Intuitive Defensive Shooting, NRA, USCCA, ALERRT, ALICE, Rangemaster, Modern Samuri Project, Greenline Tactical, American Heart Association, 360 Tactical Training, and many others, our team comprises experienced law enforcement officers, first responders, CPR and Basic Trauma Instructors, multi-discipline Defensive Shooting Instructors, former military, and more. We bring a wealth of expertise to our training programs, honed over years of service and instruction.

Our commitment goes beyond mere instruction; we're dedicated to your success, whether you're a student seeking to enhance your skills or an instructor candidate looking to expand your teaching abilities. At Get Trained Be Ready, we prioritize delivering top-quality training and value-added services, continuously refining our approach to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Join us and embark on a journey of learning and growth, where your development is our primary focus.

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Where We Are

At our core, we excel in providing comprehensive training services meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of individuals, churches, schools, and businesses. Our programs cater to a broad spectrum of skill levels, ranging from novice shooters to advanced practitioners in defensive tactics.

While our headquarters are situated in Arkansas, our services reach far beyond state borders, extending across regions of Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. This expansive reach ensures widespread access to top-notch training and preparedness solutions for communities throughout the region.

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Training in Context

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Range Days

More about us.

At Get Trained Be Ready, our diverse team of instructors, including Intuitive Defensive Shooting Instructors, NRA Training Counselors, USCCA Instructors, and more, are committed to sharing their expertise with you. With proven training methods honed over years, we offer comprehensive training in various areas, both shooting and non-shooting. Whether you're an individual, church, school, or business, we're dedicated to your success. Our goal is to provide the best training and value-added services, continuously improving to meet your needs. Whether you're a student or aspiring instructor, we're here to support your journey.

Schools and Churches

Active Shooter hostage - what would you do?
Reality Based Training
Active Shooter Training at Church
CSSOs responding in a simulation
MedFlight landing at church security training event
National Train A Teacher Day

Training Opportunities.

We have many training opportunities including:

Avoiding Victimization
Church Safety Team Creation and Training
Concealed & Constitutional Carry Instruction
Concealed Carry Instructor Development
Active Shooter Training
Defensive Shooting Instruction for Handgun & Rifle
Reality Based and Scenario Training
Commission School Security Officer Training
Armed Home Defense
Workplace Violence
Basic Handgun & Rifle
Armed Response to Mass Casualty Event
CPR, First Aid & Trauma Training
Force on Force
Hunter Education
Private and Corporate Training

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Other Classes

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