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Veritas et Utilitas. Truth and Utility. Tell the student the truth they need to know. This is what drives our teaching philosophy.

As Intuitive Defensive Shooting Instructors, Certified NRA Training Counselors, Certified NRA Instructors, and Certified USCCA Instructors, we share our depth of knowledge with you as a student or Instructor Candidate. Using proven training methods tested and refined over many years, we can increase your firearm skill sets in a variety of areas.

We can start from the basics and work towards becoming familiar with best practices pertaining to firearms and their usage. We can teach you to handle firearms with confidence, teach you to teach others to do the same, or run safe range activities with the assurance and understanding of range standard operating procedures, emergency response plans, and much more. If you are looking to get some certifications to enable you to teach, we offer several courses or course blocks to help you achieve those goals as well. We can train students and teach instructors.

We advocate a well-rounded approach to personal protection. We first need to proactively work on avoiding victimization. Secondly, we need to consider a plan of personal defense that includes whatever ethical force is necessary to protect ourselves, our families, and other loved ones. Protecting yourself from a violent predator may necessitate the need to use a firearm. If so, then training on its safe and efficient use is of paramount importance. It is mandatory that we learn to defend ourselves efficiently if we decide to carry a defensive handgun for personal protection. Knowing the law and how to properly employ a handgun to defend against a lethal threat is very important and is not to be taken lightly.

If you are new to firearms, we can help you become more comfortable and familiar. If you are an enthusiast wanting certification to teach others, we can help. If you are a military/LEO trainer wanting to crossover in order to train civilians, we can help. If you want to know more about defending yourself or others with a defensive firearm, we can help.

We train a variety of people for a variety of purposes including:

Concealed Carry Students and Instructors
Defensive Shooting Students and Instructors
Church Safety Teams
Law Enforcement Officers
Federal and State Game and Fish Wildlife Officers
Military and former Military personnel
Industry leaders
Shooting Range Owners and their employees
and ordinary everyday people of good reputation just like you

Come Train With Us

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