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Building your Business as a Trainer: Be a Good Instructor

There’s going to come a day when all eyes are looking up, staring at you.

They took time out of their busier-than-ever lives and traveled . . . to see you.

They made room in their budget (some planning months ahead), and they are handing over their hard-earned money . . . to you.

You might be wondering at this point: Who are “they”? Well, let me tell you. They are your future students. And you are their Firearms Instructor. And, of course, what you offer to your future students largely depends on the quality of your instruction. It depends on how well you were trained and your willingness to continue to develop yourself as an instructor.

Ladies, A Good Handgun is Like a Good Pair of Shoes

What is the best handgun for a woman to buy? It seems like a simple thing to ask and it’s something I get asked by a lot of women I work with. I hear women tell me all the time they want to earn their carry license for self-defense purposes but have no idea where to start regarding firearm selection. Or my favorite, and sadly the most common example, women that are persuaded by a handgun counter employee to EXCLUSIVELY purchase a light weight, small caliber revolver because it’s something a woman can “handle” (que *major eyeroll*).

So, let me cut to my big idea: I reject the stereotype that this question has a “one size fits all” answer. In fact, I think a good handgun is like a good pair of shoes: it’s all about comfort, fit and wearability! You wouldn’t allow your husband or boyfriend to buy a special pair of shoes for you, would you? Finding the “best” handgun for you, is 100% all about how it achieves YOUR mission.

Building your Business as a Trainer: Duties and Responsibilites of a Range Officer

Everyone is a range officer…NOT


1. a moral or legal obligation; a responsibility.
synonyms: responsibility, obligation, commitment

2. a task or action that someone is required to perform.
synonyms: job, task, assignment, mission, function, charge, place, role, responsibility, obligation

As a Range Officer you have a duty to keep those coming to your range for recreation or training safe from themselves, keep the event under control, make sure range rules are being followed, and ultimately ensure that no one is endangering the safety of others. The idea that "everyone is a range officer" is incorrect. The fact that everyone is responsible for their own actions, however is true. The duties of a Range Officer are different than the responsibilities of those attending the training event.

How to Start Your Church Safety and Security Team

The quickest, easiest, most cost-effective and safest way to create security for your church and get stakeholders onboard.

Every so often when I travel, I drive by a very large, or “mega” church. And let me tell you . . . It’s big. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not necessarily TV “megastar” evangelist big. But it’s plenty big.

My drive past the church involves the same scene every time the church has an event. An armed, uniformed Law Enforcement Officer waving me by with his hand. On the side of the road – his fellow officers. Usually, two or three are standing on the side of the road, chatting away. Actually, there’s more than three. As I look over to my right, in the direction of the parking lot, I see more officers. Armed. Of course.

I’ve never been to the front door of this church. (I don’t attend a mega church.) But I am sure they have a n officer near the door. Like I said: I never attended this church. But, I’m willing to wager they have an armed guard near the entrance.

And it got me to thinking…

Are the parishioners of a megachurch more valuable than members of a medium or small size church?

Are their lives so valuable that they alone deserve armed security every Sunday?

Are their lives more valuable than the people I worship with every Sunday?

Of course not. But we act that way. Don’t we?

An Open Letter to Millennials: Adulting with a Firearm

Dear Fellow Millennials,

I’m a young, single, Pro America, Pro God, Pro Gun, female MILLENIAL. My attraction to the outdoors and recreational sports started when I was a child and it led me to working at a shooting range as a range safety officer, instructor, and EMT for the past 7 years. (I’m also a Native Texan so being stereotyped to mouthwatering BBQ and guns is not that unusual either!) I’ve grown up comfortably around guns my entire life, but after working at a public gun range and witnessing horrible handling skills and etiquette, I’ve decided to accept that just because you are a regular shooter, does not mean you are a responsible one.

To me, owning and carrying a firearm boils down to two serious ideologies: responsibility and training.

Is it okay with God if we carry guns to church?

How to protect your church from a mass shooting incident - saving souls and saving lives

On August 30th, 2010, Thomas Richard Cowan stood in the principal’s office.

At 68 years of age, Thomas Cowan was not there to turn in a late homework assignment. He wasn’t there to drop off his grandson or granddaughter. He wasn’t delivering supplies.

As a matter of fact, Thomas Cowan didn’t know any of the students or teachers at Sullivan Central High School. Instead, he was armed with 2 handguns. One of them pointed squarely at the principal’s head.
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