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NRA Home Firearm Safety Course

NRA Home Firearm Safety Course

Firearm safety starts with how you handle the gun at the range but does not end there. Your firearm will spend much of its time being stored or handled at home. Ensure that you store your firearms and their ammunition safely with the NRA Home Firearm Safety Course with GTBR.

NRA Home Firearm Safety Course with GTBR
What You Will Learn

Once you have completed this course, you will have experience in these topics and others:
Rules for Safe Gun Handling
Identifying and Unloading Different Firearms
Types of Ammunition and Storage
Firearm Cleaning
Firearm Storage

The Prerequisites
The NRA Home Firearm Safety Course is designed to educate everyone how to safely handle and store a firearm at home. As such, all you have to bring is a willingness to learn.

What to Expect
This is a classroom course with no live-fire exercises. You will learn how to handle firearms at home in order to avoid negligent incidents, how to clean and care for firearms, and how to store them properly. You will also handle firearms and dummy ammunition during practical exercises of the skills learned then undergo an examination to determine what knowledge has been realized.

You will receive the NRA Home Firearm Safety handbook, NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure, Basic Firearm Training Program brochure, and a signed course completion certificate.

How You Benefit
Many firearm accidents happen at home, not at the range. Safety is different when in a house or other building; for example, there is no “down range” safe direction. Improper storage can allow children or unwanted individuals access to your firearms, potentially with disastrous consequences. Proper handling, cleaning, and storage can mitigate these problems and keep you and your family safe.

This course is also a prerequisite for the NRA Home Firearm Safety Instructor Course, which gives you the skills and attitude necessary to teach these skills to students.

What You Need to Bring with You on the Day of the Class
Here are the items that you should bring with you when you come to an NRA Home Firearm Safety class.
Note taking materials
A willingness to learn and the ability to ask questions