Hosting means we come to you. You decide what training you want and where you want it. We mobilize the requisite instructors needed, load the equipment and gear required, and bring the training to you. As a host, we do ask that you provide some basics and assist us in your local area if a classroom, auditorium, meeting room, or a range is needed. The host may qualify for a discounted rate, or a free seat depending on the training.

Any training you see on our site can be hosted if you have the ability to provide the required facilities needed to conduct the course.

Who comes to train me?

Your training will be conducted by a team of instructors with backgrounds in the military, law enforcement, defensive shooting, and emergency medical first responders. Our trainers use their knowledge to train others like themselves along with everyday people just like you. The men and women responsible for public safety – the first to show up in a crisis – use these methods in the real world.

Because they work. And they will work for you and your family, your church, your school, and your place of business.

A wealth of personalized information brought to your door at a price level that leaves you enriched with knowledge, but not empty in your wallet. How do we do that?


We save you the cost of travel and bring our instructors to you. We are the largest Firearm Instructor Developers and Trainers in Arkansas, and, our team travels all over Arkansas and to surrounding states. You choose the training – we partner with you to contact your local facilities or ranges and setup training dates.

For churches – we offer combined cost saving training if you want to partner with other churches in your area for a training event. We will also work with you to get elders, deacons, leadership or other stakeholders on board to understand the need for a training investment.

And here’s the best part: You tell us what your goals and requirements are – we put together a package that works perfectly for your budget. And we can scale our packages to your comfort level.