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We have the best training program in Arkansas. Keep reading and find out why.
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About our training process...

Choose a card below for a quick look at 3 kinds of CSSO training and how we break it up into teaching modules.

60 Hour Initial Training

Initial Commissioned School Security Officer Training requires 60 hours on a variety of topics.

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24 Hour Refresher Training

The CSSO is required to take 24 hours Refresher Training between 2 year license renewals.

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24 Hour Renewal Training

Every 2 years the CSSO is required to take 24 hours of Renewal Training and renew their CSSO license.

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Is Your School Prepared?

Any plan works well on days the killer does not attack…But there needs to be a plan for the day the killer does attack. It starts with defining what you want the outcome to look like after the attack is over, specifically, the body count. After defining the desired outcome, a realistic plan can be developed to reach that outcome.

If the focus is on the plan and not the desired outcome, we include things we are comfortable with, things we personally like, things other schools are doing, things we have always done, things that are not controversial, things that require less work, things that are inexpensive. We exclude things we are not comfortable with, things we do not like, things that might be controversial, things that cause more work, things that may cost more.

To be clear, an active shooter attack is Combat and there will be casualties…

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We can design a program for YOUR school district.

Together, let's put a plan in place to make your school safer for your staff and your students.

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