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Introductory Handgun Course

New Firearm Owner Training
A true introductory gun class for beginners. We can also do this as a private course, ladies only.

Introduction to Handgun

A true introductory class conducted in a low stress environment

You will be guided in learning hands-on safe gun handling, range safety fundamentals including terminology, basic shooting techniques and tips for becoming a more confident gun owner. The shooting and handling of a handgun is an empowering and exciting experience. By the end of the training session, you will walk away with the confidence and knowledge to continue your journey of responsible gun ownership.

We offer professional training for those who desire it. We care about your understanding of the law and your ability to more than just function fire your firearm. We cover details, explain scenarios, use case law examples, and teach shooting skills.

We discuss types and components of ammunition and how to deal with malfunctions. We also cover Grip and Stance along with other factors you need to know to become a better shooter.