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What We Teach
As Intuitive Defensive Shooting Instructors, NRA Training Counselors, NRA Instructors, USCCA Instructors, current and former Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders, ALERRT and ALICE certified Active Shooter Instructors, CPR and Basic Trauma Instructors, and lots more, we share our depth of knowledge with you as a student or Instructor Candidate. Using proven training methods tested and refined over many years, we can increase your knowledge and skill sets in a variety of areas both shooting and non-shooting. We can train you as an individual, church, school, business, or other organization.

All the instructors at Get Trained Be Ready have a desire to see you succeed in any of the training options we offer. We are not in the business to "compete". We are in the business to provide the best training and value added services while continuing to improve our instructor's abilities to convey much needed information as well as develop curriculum that you need and want for your organization.

Whether you are looking to train as a student, or become an instructor, we can help.

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Where are we?
With over 20 instructors located in Arkansas that are mobile, it's more a matter where we aren't. We have a strong presence in North and Northwest Arkansas, Central Arkansas, and some in South Arkansas. We are working to increase our density in other parts of the state and into surrounding states as well. Currently we have teams that mobilize for hosted training events within a 300-400 mile radius of central Arkansas. If you need us to be where you are, keep in mind, we travel.

Do you enjoy teaching and investing in others? Want to become an instructor? We are in the instructor development business. We have lots of options for you to consider: Concealed Carry Instructor certifications, National Rifle Association certifications, and more.

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