Get Your Church Safety Team Trained and Ready

But we prayed to our God and posted a guard day and night to meet this threat.


Host us or let us help you train you Church Safety Team or Church Security Team. We offer more than seminars. We can help your team with live fire exercises, scenario based active shooter events, team building exercises, church security plans, and standard operating procedures. In the event of an incident, your team won't be WAITING on first responders. Your team will BE first responders. Get them Trained and Ready.

We have outside resources we can refer you to for other types of additional training and we can even schedule recurring training events to keep you team on point, share the latest information, or evaluate your current safety and security plan. Host us at your church for the event that most suites your needs. We are Intuitive Defensive Shooting Instructors, NRA Advanced Pistol Instructors, and ALICE Certified Instructors. We bring an integrated approach to Church Security and Safety Training. We offer practical applications and knowledge in the classroom, scenario training in your facility, active shooter response planning, and defensive shooting out on the range.

We can make recommendations on training gear, firearm choices (see short blog post here), concealed carry firearm policies, open carry firearm policies, team or event staffing, team member scheduling, and communications options. We can also help you generate interest from stakeholders (pastoral staff, elders, deacons, leadership teams, etc.) to get your team started by providing some additional resources for them to evaluate.

If you need something a little different or a greater emphasis on certain areas, we can accommodate you. We can help you build your team from scratch, we can provide some complex training opportunities to advance your team, or something simpler to keep them sharp. Just let us know what you need and we can work with you to develop a program that best suits your faith based safety and security team.
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  • Mindset, Preparation, and Prevention
  • ALICE Sctive Shooter Scenario Training
Classroom Training and Discussion option (half day):

Concealed Carry Safety & Defensive Mindset
Ethical Responsibilities
Mental Awareness
Avoiding Confrontations
Psychological Reactions to a Threat
Physiological Reactions to a Threat
Threat Engagement
Aftermath of a Defensive Shooting - Legal, Ethical, Moral, Financial
Preparation vs. Prevention
Threats to Safety & Security
Pastoral Protection
Handgun Concealment Carry Modes
Principles of Concealment & Pistol Selection
Explanation of Cover & Concealment

What to Bring:

Note Taking Materials
Classroom Training and Discussion option (half day):

Worship without Worry.

ALICE is the #1 Active Shooter Civilian Response Training for all Organizations.

ALICE Training Institute has created a House of Worship training program to:

Maximize Survival of congregants, staff, volunteers and leadership
Provide Accountability by documenting completed training and preparation
Reduce Liability by implementing and training in alignment with state and federal standards of care for violent intruder events
ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) provides preparation and a plan for individuals and organizations on how to more proactively handle the threat of an aggressive intruder or active shooter event. ALICE Training option based tactics have become the accepted response, versus the traditional “lockdown only” approach.

A variety of factors may have an impact on your religious institution’s safety. As the leadership, you must ask, “How would our institution react, survive and cope, if we came under attack from a violent intruder?”

For places of worship, safety is assumed upon entering. Worrying about an active shooter is not among most people’s thoughts as they enter their religious community. Because of this, church security and emergency preparedness has to be something that religious leaders take into consideration as the day to day operations of their churches are carried out.

Places of worship are highly visible in their communities, and their leaders can be viewed as the embodiment of inflammatory political issues – placing them at heightened risk. Typically, places of worship are seen as a sanctuary or safe haven, but the reality of today is that places of worship are just as vulnerable to active shooter events as schools and businesses. Generally there are very low measures in place for detecting threats. The ALICE Training Institute can offer on-site assessments and training to help you plan and prepare for a day we pray never comes.

What to Bring:

Note Taking Materials
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Range Training (full day):

Intuitive Defensive Shooting
Fundaments of Shooting
Combat Accuracy & Combat Effectiveness
Lateral Movement
Multiple Shot Strings of Fire
Presentation from Concealment
Use of Cover & Concealment
360 Degree Threat Environment
Engagement from standing, sitting, squatting, kneeling, etc.
Range Qualification

What to Bring:

Defensive Carry Handgun
Backup Gun (optional)
400-500 Rounds Ammunition
Strong Side Hip or Appendix Holster (Kydex or other quality material - nylon not allowed. If you have a question about holster selection, please contact me)
3 Double Stack or 5 Single Stack Magazines
Let us help you with Church Safety and Security training for your team. We offer more than seminars. We can help your team with live fire exercises, simulated active shooter events, team building, and standard operating procedures. We have resources we can refer you to for additional training and we can set up recurring training events.