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Training Reviews

I arrived, I enjoyed, I improved. ~ Steven L.


Everything is PROFESSIONAL. the knowledge, experience, and attitude of Rob & Tim are phenomenal and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. As a matter of fact, that's why I came to this class -- because of my experience at my Instructor Dev class. ~ Billy P.


Very constructive. No arrogance. Help at any level ~ Rob G.


Training took my level of knowledge to a new and higher level. ~ Danny C.


New ways to work on old skills.  We shot a lot of rounds, but not one of them was wasted. Each round reinforced a training objective. I like that! ~ Ken H.


I feel very confident as an instructor and Range Safety Officer because of Robert's training. ~ Robin D.


Worth my Time and Money. ~ Kenneth V.


Interaction between students during class made learning more relaxed. Didn't feel lost in a big group. Would recommend your training to anyone interested in firearms. ~ Pat A.


What you need to know delivered well. ~ Joe B.


Rob, has his stuff together, great Trainer/Counselor! ~ Bill K.


The classes were well executed and professionally conducted. ~ Chris M.


One on one feeling from instructor to student! Never a dull moment in the class. ~ Randy W.


GTBR provided a relaxed atmosphere while maintaining professionalism and imparting the information clearly. The attention to detail and making sure the students' questions were answered before moving on to new subjects. ~ Shannon P.


I've been through numerous Law Enforcement and Military Firearms classes and was expecting a less informative instruction based on my previous government style of training however, this was by far the most personable, interactive, informative class I've been through. ~ John S.

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I felt treated as an equal, even though I had the least amount of training. ~ Cameron C.


Professional - Non Threating - Personal Attention from Instructors - Well Prepared. ~ Jay M.

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The easy going, relaxed atmosphere with a huge side order of seriousness. ~ Daniel G.


The way you broke things down for each exercise was best for me. There was never any question exactly what you wanted to accomplish and how to accomplish it safely. ~ Larry M.


Hows and whys. The knowledge and experience with new shooters, common mistakes, and misconceptions was very informative. ~ Post W.


Interactive not just lecturing. ~ Robert G.


Entertaining, engaging and fun. Lots of care shown to improve the actual instructor skills of all of the students. I was very impressed by the quality of instruction and facilities. ~ Jody B.

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The personal attention to individual talents and needs of every student was great. ~ Gerald N.


Very informative. The instructor was amazing. ~ Stan S.

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Everything was laid out in a very clear and concise format. Great Instruction. ~ Paul F.


The classroom’s dry basic subject matter was “livened up” with more discussion than lecture. ~ Dean F.


Our instructor, Rob was able to quickly engage the class and establish good rapport. His teaching style was very personable and students were called on to participate from the beginning. Material was presented in a very thorough, orderly and interesting manner. Seldom, if ever, have I seen an instructor able to maintain the attention and focus such as was achieved in these classes. Also, requiring students to teach different segments was most beneficial. Through it you could see students grow in confidence and presentation ability. ~ Tim W.


Having many years of experience training employees and contractors I found your style and the enthusiasm very refreshing. Your in-depth understanding of the subject matter was a key ingredient in elevating your classes to a professional lever exceeding expectations. ~ Ed G.


A well rounded informative journey you won't regret. ~ Josh J.

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The hands on and actual range time with instruction was excellent. ~ Mark B.


I immediately felt comfortable and safe with the instructor. He spoke plainly and clearly, not too dumbed down or too over-trained. I had a wonderful, fun experience and learned a ton! ~ Michael C.


The class was very informative and a very good learning environment was maintained throughout the course. ~ Brandon M.


Mr Jennings was extremely knowledgeable and approachable. ~ Todd W.


The teaching ability of the instructor was very good and informative. ~ Kurtis K.

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Allowing for different levels of experience in one class while still maximizing the training for everyone is something you do VERY well. ~ Evan H.


Top notch instructors with great attitude and very easy going personalities! I truly felt that your instructors know the material in and out and had all of my questions answered! ~ Nick H.

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This was an enjoyable, informative class that I would definitely recommend to others. ~ Anita H.


Outfreakingstanding training experience!!! ~ Eric C.


I have had countless hours of training, both for personal and professional reasons, and Rob is hands down the best instructor I've sat in a class from.  Charismatic, personable, relatable, and most importantly, knowledgeable. ~ James S.