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NRA Personal Protection In The Home

Here is what you need to know about the NRA Personal Protection In the Home course

NRA Personal Protection in the Home

One of the most important things in life is the safety of your family. You can’t completely ignore the possibility of unexpected events like burglaries, robberies, or home invasions occurring to you or those you care about. However, if the time comes, you have to be prepared to protect yourself and your family. Defending yourself inside your home using a handgun can have unanticipated consequences if you haven’t received proper training.

NRA Personal Protection in the Home with GTBR

What You Will Learn

• How to operate a handgun safely inside your home should the need arise
• Laws pertaining to the possession and operation of a handgun
• Rules related to self-defense
• Handling confrontations
• Techniques to protect your home and family in a potentially violent situation

The Prerequisites

You have to be a law-abiding adult citizen over the age of 21 to be a part of the course. You also need to provide some proof of previous shooting experience.
• Concealed Carry License
• NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program certificates
• Certificate of NRA First Steps Course
• Certificate of NRA Basic Pistol Course
• Military DD 214 in the pistol discipline
• Or something comparable to one of these
Once again, you need to fulfill only one of the above requirements to qualify for the NRA Personal Protection in the Home course with Get Trained Be Ready.

What to Expect on the Day of the Training

Please come physically and mentally prepared to fire 150-200 rounds of ammunition. In addition to working on your shooting skills, we will also give you a student packet that contains the Basics of Personal Protection in the Home guide from the NRA. The length of this course is one day.

What to Bring with You

• Bring at least 150 to 200 rounds of ammunition and a semi-automatic pistol or revolver. (We can supply it for you through our FFL if you need us to.)
• 2-3 spare magazines (or speedloaders)
• Eye and ear protection
• Comfortable closed toe shoes
• Weather appropriate clothing
• Good attitude towards learning

Complete the NRA Personal Protection in the Home training with GTBR, learn your self-defense rights as a law-abiding citizen, and be the protector of your family that you need to be.