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NRA Advanced Defensive Pistol

Here is what you need to know about the NRA Advanced Defensive Pistol course

NRA Advanced Defensive Pistol Course

Defending yourself with a concealed pistol takes more than owning a pistol and holster. You need the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to use the pistol to decisively end the threat without endangering yourself or bystanders. You also need an appropriate mindset and enough confidence in both your firearm and your skills. The NRA Advanced Defensive Pistol Course with GTBR will empower you with that knowledge, skills, and attitude.

NRA Advanced Defensive Pistol Course with GTBR

What You Will Learn

Once you have completed this course, you will have experience in these topics and others:
NRA Rules for Safe Concealed Carry Gun Handling
Principles of Pistol Concealment
The Difference Between Cover and Concealment
Presenting a Pistol From a Concealed Position
Mental Awareness and a Defensive Mindset
Clearing Stoppages and Reloading Under Stress

The Prerequisites

This is an advanced course, so you must have a measure of firearm experience already. You can show this with a pre-course assessment. Completing the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course also satisfies the prerequisite, as do other pistol certifications.

What to Expect

Expect time in the classroom and at the range with this course. This course is conducted by NRA Certified Advanced Pistol Instructors and involves hands-on mentoring instead of traditional classroom instruction. You will practice the skills learned both in the classroom and later on the shooting range.

Upon completing the course, you will receive a signed certificate of completion.

How You Benefit

This course builds upon basic handgun shooting skills to give you confidence and make you more effective if you ever find yourself in a defensive position. The skills practiced will not only benefit yourself but any family or bystanders nearby.

When combined with the NRA Personal Protection In The Home course and NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home course, you will have a solid base of knowledge and experience defend yourself with a pistol, whether in the home or in public, using a concealed handgun.