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Arkansas Enhanced Concealed Handgun Carry Carry License Information

With a standard concealed carry license, there is a long list of places where you are not allowed to carry. If you want more flexibility and freedom to carry your concealed handgun to more places, the enhanced concealed carry class is for you. Here is the information you need to know to be prepared to attend our Enhanced Concealed Carry Class.

Enhanced Concealed Carry Class

Places Where You Can Take a Concealed Weapon with Enhanced Concealed Handgun Carry License

Once you have completed the E-CHCL and obtained the license successfully, with certain exceptions we will cover during the class, you can go to the following places with your concealed handgun.
• Public facilities, buildings, and state parks
• General assembly meeting places
• Places of worship such as churches
• Athletic events
• Offices of the state such as the DMV office
• Into the passenger terminal of the airport
• Demonstrations and parades even if you are a participant
• Colleges and universities
• State capitol building and grounds
• A part of a restaurant where consumption of light wine and beer is allowed
• A place where a licensed entity sells alcoholic drinks

What You can Expect in the Enhanced Concealed Carry Class

Here is what you can expect on the day of your enhanced concealed carry class.
• We will explain to you what additional liberties and liabilities you have with the enhanced license
• You will learn basic weapon retention techniques
• You will learn about best practices associated with self-defense with a firearm, the regulations that apply, and the penalties you can be convicted of if you violate any of those regulations
• We will teach you about liability towards public and private property if your use of a weapon results in damage to it
• Your responsibilities as they relate to emerging situations like mass shooter events
• Advice on how to react if law enforcement personnel arrive during an incident
• Instructions on the differences between “storage” and “possession” of a firearm
• Guidelines on use of a firearm if there are dangerous materials nearby
• Laws pertaining to the use of alcohol if you are a concealed carry license holder

What You Can Bring with You on the Day of the Class

Here are the items that you should bring with you when you come to Get Trained Be Ready Enhanced Concealed Carry License class.
• Your firearm
• Note taking materials
• Ear and eye protection
• Gun box or holster to keep the firearm secure
• Weather appropriate clothing
• 150 rounds ammunition
• A willingness to learn and the ability to ask questions

Let our professionals help you with your enhanced concealed carry license so you can be a more responsible Concealed Carry Licensee

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CHCL Rules
AG Opinion
Prohibited Places Table

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