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Tactical Range Medicine and Basic Trauma Care

Here is detailed information on what you need to know about our Tactical Range Medicine / Basic Trauma Workshop.
So, you are headed out to the range for a session. Maybe, as an instructor, you are headed out to the range with a group of your students. You have your range bag, firearms, ammunition, ear protection, eye protection, weather appropriate clothing, and all the gear you need for the day. What’s missing? First Aid kit? Training on how to use a First Aid kit?

We’re not just talking about band aids and sunscreen or a cheap kit you can pickup at a discount superstore. Do you have the tools you need in case of a life threatening situation? You don’t have to be an RN, Medical Doctor, First Responder, or EMT to learn how to use a few basic tools that might just save your life or the life of someone else out on the range.

If you are a Firearms Instructor or even just a recreational shooter, you need to seriously consider some Basic First Aid and Basic Trauma Care; like learning to use a tourniquet, and maybe even getting CPR Certified (we offer this as an add-on to some of our workshops). Live saving techniques shouldn't be limited to "professional" when they are readily available to responsible people who are willing to get serious about their training.

We spend lots of time training to protect what we love, learning to hurt those who would hurt us, but do we spend enough time learning to help those who might need it after a Dynamic Critical Incident?

If you are serious about being a good instructor or a responsible shooter, then learning some First Aid that is specific to potential accidents in a range environment should be high on your "Do List". If this is you, then this workshop is what you are looking for. You can Join us or Host us for this training event.

Here are some of the topics presented in these hands-on Tactical Range Medicine Workshops:

Proper Mindset for Medical Emergencies
H,A,B,C’s (Hemorrhage, Airway, Breathing, Circulation)
Components of the Individual Medical Kit (IMK)
Hands On Training of the IMK
Basic and Advanced Airway Management
Treatment of a Sucking Chest Wound
Airway Adjunct Devices
Basic First Aid
Advanced Wound Care
Application Of Hemostatic Agents and Bandages
Application of Tourniquets
Recognition and Treatment of various Injuries (gunshot, burns, lacerations, orthopedic, environmental)
Treatment of Hypovolemic (hemorrhagic) Shock
911 and Police Protocols

and more…

With these workshops, we provide you with an Individual First Aid K (IFAK) that includes many of the items we discuss in class. This is not an off the shelf kit. We have put together the kit we believe contains the very best items available you should have out on the range in the event of a gunshot wound, or other traumatic event.