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The Washington Free Beacon's Explanation of 2020 Candidate's Gun Control Proposals

Here's a comprehensive breakdown of gun policies being promoted by the current crop of candidates provided by the Washington Free Beacon. It includes a pretty thorough explanation of what these policies are and the effects (if any) they might have on incidents according to recent studies.
They cover all the hot buttons: "Assault Weapons" Bans, Red Flag Laws, Universal Background Checks, Firearms Licensing, "High Capacity Magazines", "Buybacks", and more. Best overall explanatory article I've read in a long time. They have spent the time and effort to show this more as a research piece than an opinion piece.

After digging through all this, I believe we have what we need already on the books and we should just enforce current law and clean up the reporting systems. It appears that these two things might reduce the gun violence issues everyone is talking about without undue loss or restrictions on our constitutional rights. The image below is taken from the linked Washington Free Beacon article and gives you a quick overview of the items in the article. I encourage you to CLICK HERE to read the article in its entirety. These guys did their homework and put it together in a way that is easily followed.
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NOTE: There is a link HERE that links out to a Google Doc for a better "by candidate" proposal also provided by the Washington Free Beacon.

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