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What we do at Get Trained Be Ready Firearms Instruction

We are teachers and advocates for shooters and individuals who want to improve their capabilities in defensive shooting, enhance understanding anticipation vs. situational awareness, and who wish to increase their experience in the various disciplines we teach.

As Intuitive Defensive Shooting Instructors, Certified NRA Training Counselors, Certified NRA Instructors, and Certified USCCA Instructors, we share our depth of knowledge with you as a student or Instructor Candidate. Using proven training methods tested and refined over many years, we can increase your firearm skill sets in a variety of areas.

If you’d like, you can meet each of our Firearms Instructors to get to know their philosophies, credentials and experience in the section called "Meet Your Instructors" above.

Firearm and Defensive Shooting Instruction for Individuals

The individual shooter is what we try to focus on. It’s why we use an appropriate class size; why we favor team teaching when necessary and why we advocate for one-on-one training to help get you over any hurdles you may be experiencing in your training progression. We can assure you our staff’s many years of experience will be able to get you past personal goals to help you become the most proficient and efficient defensive shooter you can be.

We offer a Wide Range of Shooting Instruction Courses

Shooting Instruction for Instructors or Instructor candidates

We are one of the largest Firearm Instructor Developers and Trainers in Arkansas, and we also provide similar training in surrounding states when hosted.

If you are an enthusiast wanting certification to teach others, we can help.

If you are a military/LEO trainer wanting to crossover in order to train civilians, we can help.

For anyone who desires to be a firearms instructor, we have the tools, experience and credentials to help you get where you want to be.

We can teach you to teach others to handle firearms with confidence or run safe range activities with the assurance and understanding of range standard operating procedures, and much more.

Our Trainers have the capability of helping you progress through the various industry programs that meet our rigorous standards for inclusion to our training portfolio.

Instructor Specific Course Offerings

More than just helping you get your certifications, we know how to help you build a robust business with the right business acumen to ensure you can be successful in a training capacity.

We work hard to be an authority in the business development aspect of firearms Instructor training and will be glad to help you get started down the right path.

Instruction for Safety Response teams, First Responders and Law Enforcement

We are premium service providers for the industry here in Arkansas, and in surrounding states. We can do it all from helping you to implement emergency response plans to getting you trained to recognize dangerous situations and react appropriately and within the legalities of the state. We are very closely associated with Law Enforcement and other First Responders and we take our service offerings seriously because we recognize the importance of your contribution to public safety and our own wellbeing. We have developed intensive training for those looking for these specific offerings. We invite you to contact us for more information or to ask specific questions.

Our Mantra

Veritas et Utilitas. Truth and Utility. Tell the student the truth they need to know. This is what drives our teaching philosophy.

Any trainer can teach you something novel. But not all teachers teach only proven techniques and give you the tools to adapt to situations because you understand comprehensively, the elements to defensive shooting. We teach the best practices (the TRUTH); we also teach utility (which translates to Efficiency) and usefulness so that you can rely upon practical, easily implementable and unforgettable methods, thought patterns and devices to help you come out the victor.

We advocate for a balanced, multifaceted approach to your personal protection.

We want your to be proactive – there will be no victimization here. We want confident, smart people who engage when necessary, but who have all the tools necessary to make the right decision when in the heat of the moment.

If that time comes, where you are in an unavoidable situation: it should be intuitive to act in a way that eliminates the threat with the ethical force necessary to efficiently protect yourself, or others. That is what we teach.

At times, a firearm will be the best choice – we therefore, need to help our students become capable, proficient and safe with a firearm, but also to be able to tap into the necessary skills and mindset to stop a threat if it is presented and a gun becomes the tool to use.

There is a certain responsibility that follows, when we determine that carrying a firearm is part of our personal protection plan. We are uncompromising in our belief that every student should be a master at understanding when to use a gun, and how to do it with the right outcome. That encompasses legality, lethality and confidence with the firearm.

Arkansas Concealed Carry Training

Arkansas Concealed Carry permit classes are a specialty of ours. We can help you get your Concealed Handgun Carry License for the State of Arkansas.

You can Find more information about getting your Arkansas Concealed Handgun Carry License or your Enhanced Concealed Handgun Carry License here.

Concealed Carry Instructor and NRA Instructor Training

If you are looking to get some certifications to enable you to teach, we offer several courses or course packages to help you achieve those goals as well. These are part of the recognized NRA training program.

You can view our NRA Trainer Specific Course offerings here.

Tactical Training

From basic understanding, situational awareness concepts, defining anticipation as it pertains to your ability to respond efficiently in a civilian ambush situation, to actual drills that will sharpen your capabilities in a Dynamic Critical Incident where a single misstep can be the difference between life and death, we can be the resource you need to learn best practices, important tactical maneuvers and proper safety in a tactical shooting scenario. We are hands on, because theory isn’t enough when it comes to life and death – being able to physically act in response to a threat to secure your safety or that of others is what we teach at the core of all of our offerings. To echo Rob Pincus (founder of the Intuitive Defensive Shooting Program) we want to enable you to “Protect What You Love”.

You can view our entire Firearms Training Course Offering List here.

Church Safety and Security Group Training

With a congregation under your stewardship and the increase in active shooter situations of late, you can’t afford not to at least have a good understanding of the best practices to secure a church building and ensure the proper methodology and planning is in place.

Even (and especially) if you are a smaller congregation, you need to be able to access professional level insight and training to help you ensure the safety of your churchgoers. We specialize in this type of training.

You can view more information on how we help you secure your church properly here.

Learn to Shoot

We can start from the basics and work towards becoming familiar with best practices pertaining to firearms and their usage. We can train students of varying skill levels and teach instructors, but we understand the importance of training new shooters properly.

We value our students who are just beginning their journey into shooting, highly.

The way we teach is largely experiential. We believe that no matter how you best absorb information, that learning through experience, will teach a level of physical implementation that cannot be learned through watching someone else or by hearing about it in a lecture. We are champions of hands on instruction that helps you to do what has already been proven to work, and to help you understand in the moment, why it works and how to adapt of needed. It points directly to our mantra of Truth and Utility (Veritas et Utilitas).

After even a single class, we want you to be a confident, safe, and efficient shooter that can utilize best practices and a solid foundation of knowledge to be empowered in a personal defense setting.

We teach you to handle firearms with confidence. We understand what it is like to be learning something for the first time. Our instructors are uniquely qualified to teach beginner students about the process of handling a firearm with confidence from general best safety practices, to legitimate, high-level firearm handling skills.

If you haven’t found exactly what you are looking for, we invite you to contact us here.

We also have a very detailed FAQ section with answers to all your questions.

We are proud to train a variety of people for a variety of purposes including:

Concealed Carry Students and Instructors
Defensive Shooting Students and Instructors
Church Safety Teams
Law Enforcement Officers
Federal and State Game and Fish Wildlife Officers
Military and former Military personnel
Industry leaders
Shooting Range Owners and their employees

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