Church Safety Team Training

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Day One Classroom Training and Discussion (half day):

Concealed Carry Safety & Defensive Mindset
Ethical Responsibilities
Mental Awareness
Avoiding Confrontations
Psychological Reactions to a Threat
Physiological Reactions to a Threat
Threat Engagement
Aftermath of a Defensive Shooting - Legal, Ethical, Moral, Financial
Preparation vs. Prevention
Threats to Safety & Security
Pastoral Protection
Handgun Concealment Carry Modes
Principles of Concealment & Pistol Selection
Explanation of Cover & Concealment

What to Bring:

Note Taking Materials
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Day Two Range Training (full day):

Intuitive Defensive Shooting
Fundaments of Shooting
Combat Accuracy & Combat Effectiveness
Lateral Movement
Multiple Shot Strings of Fire
Presentation from Concealment
Use of Cover & Concealment
360 Degree Threat Environment
Engagement from standing, sitting, squatting, kneeling, etc.
Range Qualification

What to Bring:

Defensive Carry Handgun
Backup Gun (optional)
400 Rounds Ammunition
Strong Side Hip or Appendix Holster (Kydex or other quality material - nylon not allowed. If you have a question about holster selection, please contact me)
3 Double Stack or 5 Single Stack Magazines
If you are ready to make the commitment to receive professional instruction, and want to take the next step, check out our training event calendar for upcoming opportunities. If you don't see what you want, ask us about it. If you would like to host an event, please let us know. You may qualify for some free or discounted training.