Phase III CSSO Training

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This 3 Phase 60 hour PSO/CSO/CSSO course block complies with the requirements set forth in ACT 393 Rules 10.0-10.5 and covers a host of topics including, but not limited to:

Legal limitations on the use of firearms and on the powers and authority of a PSO/CSO/CSSO

Active Shooter Training including: 16 hours of Active Shooter Training and Incorporating security response with law enforcement.

Active Shooter Simulations and Live-Fire Range Practice: Shoot/Don’t Shoot drills; Rapid situational awareness and Simulated live fire weapon training

Trauma Care: Wound management pertaining to active shooter situations and CPR training and certification; *Note: prior CPR and/or wound management training or certification will not be accepted. CPR and wound management training and certification must be taught during Phase III training to ensure that the certification will not expire during the credential period.

Defensive Tactics: Strikes and kicks, including blocks and stunning strikes; Handcuffing techniques; Joint manipulation and Weapon disarming techniques.

Weapon Retention: Blocks, strikes, and maneuvers designed to maintain possession and control of a firearm from the holster and from the drawn position.

Upon successful completion of this course block you will be certified as a Commissioned School Security Officer.
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